Tuesday, March 1, 2011

January Photo Shoot

I'm finally starting to get caught up with these photoshoot posts!  Thank goodness.  The following photos are just a smattering of the ones I took in January of this adorable little (then) 9 month old.  His Mommy is an old high school friend of mine and we were able to reconnect during this photoshoot and when I delivered the DVD to her house.  I got to spend time playing with this little cutie patootie and he is just precious.  He is such an easy going, well-mannered baby.  His first birthday is in April and his Mom has asked me to be a part of the celebration.  I can't wait to share those photos with you too!

These were all taken here in Charleston, at Waterfront Park.  Those of you who have been to the area and visited the park will recognize the pineapple fountain. :)

What in the world is he sitting on in those last 3 photos?  Well, that's a beaver hide of course!  (And yes, it is real...and NO, the raccoon and the gun are not.)

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Cole said...

That is one photogenic baby!! So cute! I bet you had a blast taking all those pictures. :-)

Cary Dale Taylor said...

These are amazing photos!!! That baby is so cute!!!!