Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hodge Podge

**Updated 8:44pm to add a picture of the cupcake cake!

Where have I been this week?  Well, I'll tell you.  I've been home, in bed.  Yep, that's right...IN BED.  Monday and yesterday I was battling the mother of all migraines.  I left work around lunchtime on Monday, got incredibly ill Monday night, attempted to go to work yesterday only to leave before lunch, and I spent both afternoons and evenings curled up in bed.  I got lots of rest and am happy to say that I'm feeling better.  Just trying to keep hydrated and hopefully no more headaches or migraines this week.

I had a nice weekend though.  Saturday I spent most of the day scouting locations for a photoshoot this weekend and making my "famous" twice-baked potato casserole for our friends Nick's & Chris' birthday.  That casserole is my cover charge to go to my friend Deb's house!

Deb is from New Hampshire (but I swear she was supposed to be born in the South) and had some of her family members visit for Nick's (her husband) and Chris' (her son) birthday party.  We had a lot of our mutual friends over and hubby and I made some new friends.  We were definitely in good company.

Speaking of which, guess who we met at said party...Noah Everett, creator of TwitPic.  Super nice guy and pretty comical too.

Chris' girlfriend Alyssa (who is such a her!) made a beach-themed cupcake cake that was adorable and yummy.  I took a picture but do not have my memory card with me.  I will update this post tonight and add the picture of the cake.

How adorable is this???

It started raining about 30 minutes into the party, but Deb has an amazing screened in porch that most of us utilized.  We alternated between the porch, inside, and the firepit outside when the rain subsided which was sporadically.  Surprisingly, hubby and I stayed out until after 12, which is SO unlike us!  We are such old people.

Sunday was a dreary day so we stayed in until hubby had to go to work.

I recently (well, within the last month or so) purchased some new "toys" and can't wait to share them!  Post coming soon!

I have a photoshoot this weekend with THIS precious nearly-1-year-old.  Gosh, it seems like yesterday that I took his 9-month-old winter pictures.  Where does the time go?  I have lots of fun stuff planned for this shoot and I can't wait to share with you guys.  I will be working some serious overtime editing these photos because they all have to be ready by the following weekend for his birthday party, which I am also attending and shooting.  Yikes!  Cutting it close?  No, not at all. (And for those of you who didn't recognize, that was sarcasm.)

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Cole said...

Tiffany, you poor thing!! Migraines stink. :( I hope you're feeling better!