Friday, February 18, 2011

One of THOSE Weeks

I had planned to start off the week by blogging about the Munchkins' new housemate, but as the blog post title suggests, it's just been one of THOSE weeks. You know the kind I'm talking about.

Monday at work I was playing catch up, I caught lunch with hubby for Valentine's Day and started feeling sick. Monday evening I was still feeling sick. Tuesday I couldn't even get out of bed. I called in to work, slept in a couple of hours, and then attempted to go in at 10. I was there an hour before I was sent home. I spent the rest of the day in bed mostly. Wednesday, I was feeling a bit better. I'm guessing I just had some sort of 24 hour stomach bug. I spent most of Wednesday at work playing catch up from Tuesday. Wednesday night I had another migraine. They started end of last week after several months migraine-free. :( Yesterday, I was feeling much better but I was swamped at work. Last night I was exhausted but thankfully migraine-free.

Today, hubby is working a double.  Can I just say: SO NOT COOL!  Because he works late, we didn't get to bed until after midnight (and that is pretty much an every night thing now with his new job and new hours), then he had to get up extra early this morning (I think around 5:30am) to get ready to go in for the first of his double shifts.  Of course because he was up, I was "up" (and by this I mean awake) too.  Again, SO NOT COOL!  But, at least he gets overtime and an additional bonus for picking up what is technically an extra "weekend" shift.

All I know is that tomorrow is my birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) and we WILL be sleeping in!  I plan on relaxing and maybe doing some light shopping (we will see) and nothing else until we head downtown for my birthday dinner.  We decided to keep it low-key and are going to Hominy Grill.  If it was just me and hubby I would have insisted on High Cotton, S.N.O.B, or something similar, but because we invited some family and friends, we're keeping it inexpensive and laid back.  Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures!

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Cole said...

I'm sorry you're having one of THOSE weeks! (((HUGS)))

I hope you have an absolutely fabulous birthday!

Mandy's Memories said...

The stomach bug hit our house too! Hope you have a great birthday!!

sprinkles said...

Oh yes, I had one of THOSE weeks too! Monday, I had a test. Wednesday, I had to lead a class discussion in history on a subject that I stupidly didn't put much of an effort into researching. I'm not much of a public speaker anyways and then to have to lead a discussion on something I didn't really know anything about was not fun! Friday, I had three tests.

Hope you're feeling better!

Congrats to Dru on the new job!