Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Photo Session

Back in November, I had a family photo session with this adorable little family. They are related to my husband, so I know them very well and I adore those two little girls! They are just so precious and so much fun.  The goal of this shoot was to capture some nice family photos for them, but also for their Christmas card.  The card turned out so cute!  It was a collage of pictures that Kim (the mom) made from several of the pictures we took that day.

This first location is a historic house in Georgetown, SC.  It is called the Kaminsky House and the grounds surrounding it are a common site for weddings and photo shoots.

These next couple of photos were taken at the fountain on the Georgetown Harborwalk.

Do you see all that green?  In November people!  THAT is why I love SC!

This next crop of photos were taken on Pawleys Island, specifically the south end of Pawleys.

Isn't this sunset glorious???!!!!  I love it.  It reminds me of a Dorothea Benton Frank novel, The Land of Mango Sunsets.  Am I right?

This last crop of photos were actually taken a few weeks later, toward the end of November.  They were taken at Hubby's family reunion.  We do it every year and it is so nice reconnecting with family, especially those that live far away.  The setting is just an old house in the area.

Now, if you've made it this far...THANKS!  I'll have an update on the roommate situation for you tomorrow! 

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Cole said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures! I love that everyone at the reunion wore white shirts and jeans. It gives nice continuity of color in those pictures. :-)

sprinkles said...

Those little girls are just precious!

I'm sooooo envious of your warm weather. Back in November, we were covered in snow.

I've always wanted to go to a family reunion. I don't really know either side of the family so I bet it would be fun to meet everyone and get to know them.

DSS said...

I totally sound like a broken record here...but I adore your photos. It's like they are all "pretty" or whatever, and then every 4th or 5th one stops me in my tracks and I think "omg...this is such an AWESOME photo". I wish I had your eye :) I take so many photos, but barely any are "framers". Well, except for when i was in Italy. But I can't really take credit for that.