Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Recap

What a wonderful weekend! I couldn't have asked for better weather on my birthday. It was positively glorious! It was sunny and 77 degrees. I love it that I could wear shorts on my birthday in February!

I spent Saturday morning (my actual birthday) relaxing at home until it was time for dinner. We had a table for 17 at Hominy Grill on the patio and it was so nice. They had laterns on our table that cast the most deliciously warm glow. They also had heaters but only one was turned on at my Mom's request. She is very cold-natured and is pretty much always cold. I had fried green tomatoes in a ranch sauce for my appetizer, broiled stuffed flounder with deep-fried cheese grits and a cucumber & onion slaw for dinner, and a brownie with ice cream and fudge for dessert. Everything was AMAZING! I couldn't have asked for better company or better food. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures. I DID take my little point & shoot camera and toward the end of dinner I remembered I needed to take pictures, but when I pulled my camera out and attempted to take a pictures, I was met with a big red flashing battery symbol. :(

We contemplated going out after dinner but I was soooo sleepy. I guess keeping mine & hubby's schedule has me worn out! We went home and crawled in bed. It didn't take long at all for us to fall asleep.

Sunday we overslept and missed church. I was highly disappointed. So we relaxed at home until it was time to leave to meet my dad's side of the family for part 2 of my birthday dinner. My aunt (dad's sister) had plans on Saturday that she couldn't break, so we decided to get together on Sunday instead. My grandparents were staying at their beach house in Garden City (it's about an hour and a half drive from Charleston) so we met them at a little restaurant near there called T-Bones. I have been there many times before but this visit was definitely interesting.

My aunt and I both ordered the 6oz filet. Mine was fine but hers SO was not. After a couple of bites, she handed a piece to her husband and asked him to smell it. He immediately waved her hand away and nearly gagged (he has a weak stomach). Then ensued the passing around of the fork to smell the meat. Honestly, it smelled like spoiled meat. It was very unpleasant. So then I got paranoid about mine because I had already eaten half of it. It tasted and smelled fine to me and everyone else thought so too, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat any more of it. I was already beyond full anyway. My aunt sent her steak back to the kitchen and the chef came out insisting that the steak was over-seasoned or it was the steak sauce that was bad. My grandmother was using the steak sauce and it was fine. And I'm sorry but spoiled meat CAN'T be mistaken for anything else. It has a smell all its own. Ewwwww.

On the bright side, the garlic mashed potatoes were yummy.

After dinner we headed straight back home and snuggled in bed while catching up on some shows from last week. Doesn't get any better than snuggling with the hubby.

Oh and I almost forgot...I won a giveaway last week. What a great birthday present! The darling Cole hosted a CSN gift code giveaway and she announced I won just two days before my birthday. :) So excited! Will definitely share when I figure out what I'm buying with my $40 gift code!

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Kerr said...

happy belated bday!

Cole said...

In the 70's? That's it; I'm moving down by you! LOL

I'm glad you had such a good birthday! You deserve it. :-)

sprinkles said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great celebration. Well, minus the rotten meat.

We have a Garden City here too! I hardly ever go there though because I always lost whenever I do go.

DSS said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely Birthday Weekend! Sounds like some rest was much needed, and your Saturday evening dinner sounded tasty anyway. Blech about that steak :-o