Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Bentley!

Three years ago today, my sweet Munchkin boy was born. It was only 12 weeks later that he came into my life and filled it with so much joy. He helped heal a heart that was broken and made me smile when all I could do was cry. I can't even begin to explain how this little bundle of fur has impacted my life for the better.

My sweet Bentley, you bring so much joy into our lives. The Munchkin Daddy, Lexi, and I love you dearly. I couldn't ask for a better Munchkin.

Normally, we plan a party for the Munchkins' birthdays but this year it just isn't possible. We are still dealing with Dru's reaction and reprecussions from that, so we are just having a small celebration tonight just the four of us with a special birthday dinner for the Munchkins and then we are making a stop into Hairy Winston for a special birthday treat. A nice family birthday celebration at home is just what we need. :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy (and sad) Monday!

I know most of you are probably grumbling right now saying "what's so happy about Monday?" Normally, I would agree with you. I hate Mondays. But today, I'm not hating it so much. Hubby almost looks normal again! And he is off today so I get to meet him for lunch. Having something to look forward to on a Monday is definitely the way to get through it. :)

Before I go any further, I do want to thank all of you who left kind words and said prayers for us last week. I can't begin to tell you all how much it was appreciated. Hubby has had a rough go of things this year and so has my family. I am so fortunate to have such an amazing support system in all of you, my lovelies. You guys are the best.

We had a nice weekend. I hope you all did too. Hubby was supposed to start his new job last Tuesday, but because of what happened, he wasn't able to start until Friday. He worked Saturday and Sunday morning to catch up. I used my alone time those mornings to catch up on some reading, studying, and snuggle-time with my munchkins. We didn't do much of anything and it was glorious. Just hanging out together at the house and catching up on some rest was perfect!

I know some of you are probably curious about what exactly happened with hubby. I would love to fill you in, but I don't feel like that is an option right now as it may turn into a legal matter. We are hoping that it doesn't have to go that far, but until I know for sure, I don't want to say too much. However, I do want to caution all of you.

Most of us think we can trust our doctors 100%, unless they have given you reason to think otherwise. Take a lesson from our predicament and always double and triple check behind your doctor, especially when it comes to medication. As we have found out, just listing drug allergies in your file does NOT mean that a doctor won't prescribe you a medication that could kill you by triggering a severe allergic reaction. Be sure to call your pharmacy RIGHT NOW and ask if your drug allergies are on file. If not, have them add it to your file and then the next time you go there to pick up meds, ask again if it is in your file. The pharmacy is your last "check" before the medicine is placed in your hands. Always always always seek a second opinion, especially on large matters and/or if surgery is involved. When a medication is prescribed to you and has been placed in your hands, read ALL of the literature that accompanies it and google the heck out of it to make sure it isn't similar to any medications you are allergic to.

To be honest, doctors and their staff are only human. They make mistakes. We all do. But you don't want their mistake to cost you your life or the life of someone you love. Take advantage of what happened to us and make sure it never happens to you. This sort of thing happens a lot more often than you would think.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. I want to update you on my Papa's condition. The good news is that he is home! Yay! The doctors did a biopsy of his lung on Wednesday and also cleaned out his lungs. There was a bunch of "junk" as they put it, in his lungs. They had to go in six times to clean out all of the calcification and mucus. We won't have the results of the biopsy until the end of this week. My Papa is a smoker so hopefully this ordeal will make him think twice about lighting up again.

I just recently started following this blog, Cream Puff to Health Buff. Fabulous name, isn't it? This sweet lady lived here in Charleston until just recently when she moved to go back to school. On Saturday, her beloved Chihuahua, Buddy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. If you would, please keep her and her family in your prayers. I know all too well how devastating it is to lose such a beloved pet (we lost Tiny in November 2003 and Angel just last week) and when it first happens, it doesn't feel like the pain will ever go away. And honestly, it doesn't go away, but over time, it DOES get easier. You gradually begin to remember the good times and remember them with a smile instead of tears. If you feel inclined, please visit Amelia's blog and leave your condolences.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Dru is doing better each day. He picked me up for lunch today which was nice. But on his way over he got some bad news for me. My lab (my in-laws take care of her for us since we can't have her where we live) Angel, passed away last night. I do not want to elaborate. Just please keep us all in your thoughts as we deal with this loss. I am still in shock and my heart is hurting.

My mother emailed me not too long ago to tell me that my Papa (remember he was admitted to the hospital earlier this week) had some scans done and there is a mass on one of his lungs. They are doing biopsies today. Please keep him and my Nanny in your prayers. He is a strong man and I believe he can survive through anything, but prayers are always helpful. Thank you.

The good news will have to wait a little longer. I will tell you that I'm NOT pregnant. That's not the news. Nor is it that I've been admitted to med school yet (I haven't yet applied!)...sorry Sprinkles! But the news is great for us! I promise to share as soon as things settle down.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Bit Better

Still not a real post today but it's all I can really manage right now.

The good news is, hubby is starting to get better. I'm not ready to type the whole ordeal out yet because I am still very upset about it, but hopefully I will be able to tell you all about it soon. It is good information for everyone who trusts their doctor to know. I will say that this reaction could have 100% been preventable if proper procedure had been used regarding my husband's care.

I did not take any pictures of him because I thought it would gross most of you out. It was pretty yucky to look at, but it is so greatly improved today. Yesterday was definitely the worst so from here he should continue to improve. Suffice it to say that he looked like a very bumpy, splotchy, cooked lobster with very little "normal" skin peeking through. Yeah...not pretty.

He isn't feeling 100% but we are hoping that by tomorrow or Thursday, he'll be feeling a lot better. The good news I wanted to share with you was put on hold because of this reaction. However, I will share soon. I promise!

Thanks to those of you who commented yesterday with kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It is very much appreciated.


Monday, August 16, 2010

No Real Post Today

Sorry, but there won't be a real post today. Just to fill you in quickly, I had to take hubby to the ER this morning. He had a severe allergic reaction to a medication (which could have been prevented...more on that later) and now resembles a cooked lobster. He is at home with strict order from the doctor to rest and let the steroids counteract the reaction.

I got a text from my mom not too long ago letting me know that my Papa (her dad) was admitted to the hospital for possible pneumonia.

I am exhausted. I promise to fill you in later. Thanks in advance for any and all well-wishes sent our way.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Weekend

Thanks to all of you who commented on the last post. Your comments were so sweet and so very encouraging. I do very much enjoy taking pictures (of my dogs, of my hubs, of random stuff, and portraits for others). I can't tell you what an honor it was that my aunt chose me to do her maternity photos. And I know it wasn't just nepotism that caused her to choose me. She knew that I wouldn't rest until she had the photos she wanted but BOY am I glad she liked them on the first try! Ha ha.

Honestly, I had so much fun taking pictures and helping her capture the memories of this time in her life. She is very excited to be bringing a sweet baby boy into this world. AK is going to be a fabulous big sister!

Now onto the reason for this post. This will be the last of my "catching up" posts. We are up to last weekend, which was one spent in hometown. My baby brother celebrated his 8th birthday last weekend, and so did my little cousin who we'll call Mini-Me (she looks a lot like I did as a kid). Boo's birthday party was on Saturday so of course we had to go to hometown to celebrate with him. He had the party at his grandparents' pool and all of the kids had a blast. It was dreadfully hot and humid so I spent most of my time under the huge oak tree where it was MUCH cooler and actually tolerable.

I didn't take many pictures but I did manage to snap a few when my little cousins were first arriving and when the kids climbed out of the pool to chow on some pizza and cake.

My camera loves this child!

See what I mean? Too stinkin' cute!

My Boo's cake.

My caramel-colored brother...he has spent LOTS of time in the sun this summer.

Isn't he adorable? Maybe I'm biased...but I don't think so!

The littler kids were definitely enjoying the little pool in the shade. The bigger kids were more content to use the big, in-ground pool.

Boo had a lot of fun at his party. I think he enjoyed seeing some of his friends from school more than anything since he hasn't seen them most of the summer. I had fun watching the littles run around and play. They are a hoot!

Sunday was my cousin, Mini-Me's, birthday party at my Nanny's pool. She actually lives with her dad and stepmom not too far from me so most of the kids at the party were family or friends from church. I didn't take any pictures on Sunday. To make a long story short, I forgot my headache meds so I wasn't able to take them on Saturday night. I was feeling it on Sunday for sure and it wasn't fun. I wasn't really up for taking pictures but I did enjoy a cupcake and a slice of cake!

This weekend, we have a full weekend in hometown too. My MIL is doing flowers for a wedding on Saturday, so hubby and I will be going to hometown tomorrow after work to help with that. The wedding itself is outside at a historic house in hometown's neighboring town and I'm sure we will be getting a large share of sun on Saturday setting up for the wedding. It's going to be hot and humid, I'm certain. The reception is actually going to be in the same venue in which my reception was held. I haven't been there since our wedding so it is definitely going to bring back some memories. I just hope we can make the wedding/reception this weekend as amazing and unforgettable as everyone made our wedding for us.

I promise to take pictures! I'll be taking pictures for MIL's portfolio so I'll definitely share once I get back home and get them edited.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maternity Shoot

I had the pleasure of taking maternity photos for my aunt while we were on staycation. My aunt (although it feels wierd calling her that since we're only 5 years apart) wanted to have the shoot on the beach and she wanted the pictures to sort of double as family photos too. I decided Sullivan's Island beach would be the perfect place. Stations 21 and 22 have such a gorgeous stretch of beach that its hard NOT to have a shoot there.

On Saturday, my aunt and her family met me at my house. They changed into their outfits and then followed us to the location. The heat index that day was well over 100 degrees but thankfully by the time we got there, with the breeze off of the ocean and all, it was much more tolerable.

My adorable little cousin, AK, is 2 years old so we weren't sure how the shoot would go but it went amazingly well. I mostly just let AK do her thing and worked with her. Small children are best captured candidly anyway. That's when they shine.

I'm not going to post all of the photos because you would be here all day waiting for the page to load and then it would take you forever to get through them all (there are over 300). So I picked out some of my favorites to share. I had so much fun doing this shoot!

One of the photos is even going to be used for her shower invitations and thank you notes! I'm so excited that I get to be a part of that as well.

After the shoot, we all went to dinner together at my favorite family-owned restaurant, Page's Okra Grill, and then my aunt and her family had to head back home. It was fun while it lasted though! Not too long after the day of the shoot, she was placed on bed rest. Now it is just a waiting game to find out when the little man while make his appearance. Of course I will be there at the hospital to take photos of him with Mommy, Daddy, Sissy, Nanny, etc. after his arrival. I can't wait!