Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Weekend!

Why was it so fabulous you ask? Because our very own Gamecocks knocked the #1 team right outta the #1 spot! Woo hoo! We rolled that Tide right on outta there. Totally made my weekend! I only hope this means we'll spank the tails right off those Tigers in November.

Otherwise, our weekend was pretty low-key and normal. Saturday before the game, we headed over to our dear friends, Deb & Nick's house, to hang out while some other friends of ours used their driveway for a yard sale. I did manage to get a couple of cutsie things out of it too. I love being thrifty! :) We took the Munchkins along too for a little visit. They were exhausted by the time we got back home.

After dropping them off, we swung by the salon for a couple of quick trims, and then back home to watch the game. Well, to be totally honest, I just checked in on the game. Hubby actually watched the entire thing. I just can't do it...well unless it's the big rivalry game in November and then my butt is planted in a chair from beginning to end. I watched the last 30 minutes or so and I'm SO glad I did! It was fabulous.

Sunday morning hubby wasn't feeling to hot so we spend the morning at home. We found a 50% off coupon to AC Moore in the paper and that was all the incentive I needed to get out of the house. I saw this pretty awesome vase when I was there last weekend that I just HAD to have and at 50% off it was as good as mine. Several people actually saw me walking around the store with it and went in search of one for themselves. They would have seen it themselves if they had just bothered to look up while they were shopping. It was on the top shelf but of course my eye spotted it immediately. I ALWAYS look up. You might miss too much amazing stuff if you don't.

It was back home after AC Moore for the rest of the day. We caught up on some shows and tried to get some rest before our insane non-stop craziness that will be our weekends going forward until SIL's wedding.

And yes, I do realize I promised to share a picture of the awesome fall wreath SIL made for me, and then I failed to deliver. I will try my best to get a picture of it, along with my new awesome vase, and share it with you this week.

The only other news I have is not good. First, my stepdad was back at the ER yesterday evening. I haven't gotten any updates from my mom yet but they were thinking it was his diverticulitis again or an intestinal blockage.

Hubby will be going in for a colonoscopy...finally. He was supposed to have one a few months ago, but with all of the issues he's had, he was very adamant that he wanted to get off of all the meds he was on before going in for more testing. I hope this gives us a diagnosis once and for all and we can go on with our lives. Hubby just wants to be able to eat normal foods again!


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sprinkles said...

Sorry to hear about your step-dad. I hope he and Dru will be ok. Please keep us all informed.