Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend & Birth Shoot

Now that the week is almost over, I am finally filling you in on how we spent our long Labor Day weekend. Not that it was exciting or anything because it totally wasn't and that was the plan. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday lounging together, getting in some quality time with the Munchkins and each other. We did our grocery shopping on Saturday and I for one had fun walking the aisles at Harris Teeter. I just LOVE that place. It's almost as awesome as Whole Foods, which I also adore. Nothing interesting on the menu this week other than the Banana-less Banana Pudding I posted on Tuesday.

Hubby did go fishing on Saturday morning. I wanted to get in some beach time, but I knew how bad he wanted to go fishing...and how bad I wanted another hour of sleep! Unfortunately his fishing trip wasn't productive but I assure you he will keep on trying.

Monday we decided to go to the beach. It was nice and sunny already at that time of the morning, so why not? We started gathering our stuff and then both Munchkins planted themselves in front of the door...oh and Lexi proceeded to whine. They knew where we were going and were insisting on being included. So, we relented and sprayed them with their doggie sunscreen and loaded them in the car. As we drove the two minutes to the beach, the sky was getting a little darker the closer we got. Hubby assured me it wasn't supposed to rain so we went ahead. Approximately 15 minutes after setting our blanket out, the sky proceeded to open up and rain despite the fact that we could see the sunlight less than a mile out reflecting on the water. We propped up our beach umbrella and huddled under it with my beloved camera, trying to keep it as dry as possible and were going to wait it out. After about 15 minutes of steady rain, it began to rain harder and we packed it up to leave. On our rush back to the car, I somehow was bitten twice by a mosquito (I'm very allergic, if you're just joining us) and that put me out of commission for the rest of the day. :Sigh: It was fun while it lasted.

Oh well, in any case, we had an nice relaxing weekend. As stressful as things have been at work, I definitely needed it.

I am getting so excited about tomorrow. For two reasons: 1) my new baby cousin will finally come into this world, and 2) it is my first birth shoot and I can't wait! I was originally only taking photos of baby and mama, and baby's introduction to the rest of our family, but my aunt called me yesterday and asked if I would photograph the events surrounding the entire birth (not the actual delivery itself, but everything and everyone around the room during the delivery). Since I'm not yet a Mama to human babies, I've never experienced a birth and I've never witnessed one either so this should be interesting. It will be great for me in the long run though for when I have to do rotations in obstetrics for school. :)

I'm trying not to make too much of a plan because with a birth, nothing ever goes as planned. She is being induced tomorrow but that is no guarantee that baby will actually be delivered tomorrow. And she could also need a C-section and then no cameras are allowed. But I'll be happy with whatever photos I can get. :) I'm so excited that she is wanting me to share this with her.

I have alerted my boss that I may have to rush out a little early tomorrow but it should be fine because I do have some PTO accrued. I am going to get regular updates from my Nanny on how far she is dilated so that I can get in as much of the work day as possible before I have to leave. I don't want to cut it too close to the actual delivery because I do want to get photos beforehand too.

So, if you don't hear from me at all tomorrow, you know why!



Cole said...

How exciting that you get to take delivery room pictures!! I hope you enjoy the experience. :-)

Jazzi said...

Hey Tiffany
I have been in the delivery room for my oldest daughters 2 kids, Kyla, 5 and Kaleb 3 and it was very cool. I was thrilled to have a part in it and be there when they were born. Have fun!!

Diana and Jazzi

Jazzi said...

LOL sorry, I was signed in under JAzzi LOL


sprinkles said...

That's very cool you'll get to be included in the birth process!

My nephew was just born this past week. I didn't get to be there but I did at least get to see pictures of after he was born at least.

AndreaLeigh said...

Oh, I hope you'll share your pics. Sounds amazing!