Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Weekend

Thanks to all of you who commented on the last post. Your comments were so sweet and so very encouraging. I do very much enjoy taking pictures (of my dogs, of my hubs, of random stuff, and portraits for others). I can't tell you what an honor it was that my aunt chose me to do her maternity photos. And I know it wasn't just nepotism that caused her to choose me. She knew that I wouldn't rest until she had the photos she wanted but BOY am I glad she liked them on the first try! Ha ha.

Honestly, I had so much fun taking pictures and helping her capture the memories of this time in her life. She is very excited to be bringing a sweet baby boy into this world. AK is going to be a fabulous big sister!

Now onto the reason for this post. This will be the last of my "catching up" posts. We are up to last weekend, which was one spent in hometown. My baby brother celebrated his 8th birthday last weekend, and so did my little cousin who we'll call Mini-Me (she looks a lot like I did as a kid). Boo's birthday party was on Saturday so of course we had to go to hometown to celebrate with him. He had the party at his grandparents' pool and all of the kids had a blast. It was dreadfully hot and humid so I spent most of my time under the huge oak tree where it was MUCH cooler and actually tolerable.

I didn't take many pictures but I did manage to snap a few when my little cousins were first arriving and when the kids climbed out of the pool to chow on some pizza and cake.

My camera loves this child!

See what I mean? Too stinkin' cute!

My Boo's cake.

My caramel-colored brother...he has spent LOTS of time in the sun this summer.

Isn't he adorable? Maybe I'm biased...but I don't think so!

The littler kids were definitely enjoying the little pool in the shade. The bigger kids were more content to use the big, in-ground pool.

Boo had a lot of fun at his party. I think he enjoyed seeing some of his friends from school more than anything since he hasn't seen them most of the summer. I had fun watching the littles run around and play. They are a hoot!

Sunday was my cousin, Mini-Me's, birthday party at my Nanny's pool. She actually lives with her dad and stepmom not too far from me so most of the kids at the party were family or friends from church. I didn't take any pictures on Sunday. To make a long story short, I forgot my headache meds so I wasn't able to take them on Saturday night. I was feeling it on Sunday for sure and it wasn't fun. I wasn't really up for taking pictures but I did enjoy a cupcake and a slice of cake!

This weekend, we have a full weekend in hometown too. My MIL is doing flowers for a wedding on Saturday, so hubby and I will be going to hometown tomorrow after work to help with that. The wedding itself is outside at a historic house in hometown's neighboring town and I'm sure we will be getting a large share of sun on Saturday setting up for the wedding. It's going to be hot and humid, I'm certain. The reception is actually going to be in the same venue in which my reception was held. I haven't been there since our wedding so it is definitely going to bring back some memories. I just hope we can make the wedding/reception this weekend as amazing and unforgettable as everyone made our wedding for us.

I promise to take pictures! I'll be taking pictures for MIL's portfolio so I'll definitely share once I get back home and get them edited.



sprinkles said...

I'd have been happy with the pool in the shade too! Me and sun don't get along too well. It gives me a MAJOR migraine after awhile. AND I don't even really tan, just burn.

Draco and his Mom said...

Your summer party pictures were great, little kids and pools...a nice theme. Sounds like you have had a very busy summer. Life is good for you.