Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekends are the BEST!

I can't even begin to tell you how much-needed this long weekend was. I have been getting so burnt out and I needed a few days to rest and have fun with no obligations whatsoever.

Friday night we started off the weekend right by going to Red's for happy hour. We sat outside and it was such perfect weather! It was unseasonably not HOT HOT HOT but the perfect temperature with a fabulous breeze. I, of course, had a margarita (yummo!) and a basket of fresh fried shrimp & chips. Hey, it's the weekend so I'm allowed to eat stuff that is SOOO bad for me. My body, my rules. :)

Saturday was beach day. We went to IOP to our normal spot. We knew that the holiday weekend meant super crowded beaches so our usual spot (away from the touristy areas) would be perfect. It was. The wind was INSANE at the beach on Saturday though. Within 10 minutes of being there I was pretty much completely covered in sand. We always go to the beach really early to beat the crowds. We were on the beach all set and ready for some hardcore sun-worshipping by 9:00am. Our friends joined us somewhere around 11 or so. Dru was introduced to bocce and I just caught up with the girls. We left around 1:30pm and I was so OVER all the wind and being stung by the sand. Oh did I mention I got bit by a fire ant while laying in my lounge chair? I discovered a new bizarre allergy with that bite. Yay...or not.

After a shower in which lots and lots of scrubbing was utilized to get rid of all the sand, I then spent about an hour trying to get all of the sand out of my ears (and I was still finding sand the next day!). I spent some time cleaning house and then Dru's brother came to go fishing with him and to go out with us downtown. We had dinner at Wild Wing and then off to our friend's house to meet up with everyone. I had a blast watching everyone play Civil War. It was very funny and action-packed. Meanwhile I tested my friend's new low-cal margarita invention and it was yummy! I will definitely have to get that recipe from her.

Our first stop downtown was a big ole flop. Techo. Yuck. So we moved on. The second place wasn't so bad. We mainly watched the boys (hubby and BIL not included) get hammered and act crazy while the girls drank water and talked. There was a band but I wasn't that crazy about them. We left early and were perfectly content to go to bed. I know, we are such party animals! Ha ha.

Sunday we were invited by our sweet friends to hang out at the pool. When we left our house around 1:15pm or so, traffic on the IOP connector was backed up to Hwy 17! That is insane. At that point I was very happy we had decided not to go to the beach. Hanging out by the pool was so nice. The water felt amazing and we were in really great company. I watched many a ladder golf game and enjoyed the sun (with SPF 30 of course). We had hotdogs and hamburgers, along with a yummy homemade pasta salad, my homemade dill potato salad, and a bunch of other munchies.

By 6:00pm I was exhausted. We headed home and decided not to fight the traffic and go to IOP to watch the fireworks. We decided to stay home and watch movies. It was nice.

Monday, hubby and BIL went fishing. I think my body was rebelling at all the sun I exposed it to b/c I was super exhausted when I got up Sunday morning (and no, I did not burn. I've never been sunburnt and I never intend to get sunburnt). I think maybe I was a little dehydrated. I just rested and waited for the boys to get back. Then we had lunch, BIL went home, and hubby and I relaxed the rest of the day.

Now, I am back at work and it wasn't as painful coming in today as it normally is. Probably because I actually got some rest this weekend. My fire ant bite is finally starting to get better. It has been getting worse since it happened and it has been super swollen, hard, and very hot to the touch. The swelling has gone down considerably and it, thankfully, doesn't itch anymore. It's just one more crazy allergy, alon with mosquito bites, that I can add to my list.

I did not take any pictures at all this weekend and it was nice for a change. As much as I love photography, I needed some time to relax and enjoy myself without worrying about capturing everything. It was quite enjoyable!

I'm still working on SIL's engagement photos but I will post some as soon as I'm finished. I promise! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!



Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Sounds like y'all had an amaaaazing time!!!!! I'm sure you needed it! :) P.S. How's your hubby feeling? Have I missed an update post?

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Cole said...

That sounds like quite the busy weekend!!

sprinkles said...

Whew, I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend!

I hope your ant bite is completely healed now. I remember getting bit by a fire ant when I was little. My brother laughed at me all day.

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

So glad that you had a great long weekend! I've been on vacation this week, which started last Friday, and between Friday and Sunday I was on the go so much that I woke up Monday sick, can you believe it??? I think I was so run down that I picked up something somewhere!

Bonnie said...

Hi! I just found your blog & saw you had 2 chi-babies. I have 2 also. Their names are Milton & Billie Bean. They are still my babies, but we just had our first "real" baby in December! M & BB are still wondering who this little baby is!

Bonnie :)