Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whew...What a Weekend!

This weekend was crazy. Well, okay maybe just Saturday was crazy but I'm still trying to recover!

Friday night we headed to hometown after work. We had to finish packing, load the car, and make a run to Hairy Winston for bully sticks (because God forbid we ever run out of those!) and food for Rascal (mom's dog). A quick swing by Chick-fil-A for a dinner on the run and off to hometown we went. Unloading the car when we get to my Mom's is always a task because...well because I spoil my little munchkins rotten, that's why. We have to take a large duffel bag full of stuff for them, puppy pads, their ginormous bed, blankets, and their pen. That in itself is a lot to load and unload, but what can I say? I love to spoil them.

Saturday morning I had to meet SIL and her fiance to shoot part of their engagement pictures. If you remember, I was supposed to take them last weekend but the fiance was called in to work at the last minute. So, in order to provide a couple of pictures for SIL to display at the engagement party that night, we had to meet early to get a few quick shots. We met at 9:30am (I would have preferred earlier but the lighting was ok and most of the pictures were taken in the shade) and it was already sweltering. At a normal photo shoot, I would take upwards of 200 pictures or more. There would be multiple poses, variations on poses, a variation of scene and backdrop. Since I knew I'd be taking more photos later at different locations, I wanted to get as much out of a few poses and backdrops as possible. I wanted to be certain she had enough photos to choose from. I ended up taking somewhere around 165 pictures in about 30 minutes.

She had to go to the engagement party site to help her Mom and the hostesses before going to get her nails done. So we were pretty limited on time but we got some good shots for the party.

After we left, it was straight back to Mom's house to edit the pictures. It took forever to download them to my external hard drive and trying to work on the pictures was taking forever. I wasted about 2 hours on 3 pictures because my laptop is so slow. It was acting fine the day before but it is a very temperamental machine, I'm finding out. Luckily I had my software with me and was able to download it to my brother's desktop and continue editing the photos. I spent all day, without a break (I barely even ate my lunch), doing a quick edit on the photos and had barely enough time to jump in the shower and get ready for the engagement party. Then we had to rush over to MIL's house so SIL could pick a couple of pictures to display at the party. She was able to find four pictures that she liked and her only complaint was that she doesn't like showing her arms! She's so silly.

We rushed off to WalMart to print the pictures and were about 1 hour and 20 minutes late. We abhor being late. We are never late but it was okay this time because we had permission to be late. We were carrying out very important business. We put the pictures in their proper places and then were finally able to eat. I was starving!

The party was nice. There was a good turn-out and the food was yummy. The younger crowd stuck around and partied hard. We stayed until about 11:00pm. Yes, we are party poopers. We know this and we embrace it. We have turned into an old married couple and honestly, it suits us just fine. By the time we got to Mom's, I was ready to drop. I think I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow!

Sunday was not a good day for me. The migraine that started on Saturday night continued through Sunday morning. I woke up, ate breakfast, and then went back to sleep on Mom's couch. It was not any better when I woke up. I wanted to spend some time with my baby brother before we left for home but it just wasn't possible. We ate with my family and then we headed home.

It was so nice to finally be home. We turned in early. Such a glamorous life we lead! Ha ha. Now it's already Tuesday and I am crazy busy at work. Boo!

I promise to post more pictures of the photo shoot as soon as I'm finished with them. Since I was quickly going through them and editing them on Saturday, I wanted to come back to them and clean them up a little better before I post them here or on my website, and also before I burn them to a CD for SIL.



Cole said...

Great pictures! Sorry you got a migraine... I've been fighting one off for the past two days. Boo!

sprinkles said...

These are some great pictures! I didn't know you had a website. Is it for your photography?

I'd probably way overpack if I were taking my boys anywhere too. I don't think of it necessarily as them being spoiled but I'd want them to be as comfortable where ever we were going as they are at home!

Your weekend sounded busy but fun! I finally ventured out of the house this weekend too. It was so nice to get out for a day of fun and put my worries aside for a little while.

I hope the migraine is gone. I get them myself sometimes and they're truly horrible!