Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Riding in Cars with Girls

What a crazy weekend! So much to do and not enough time to rest and relax. The weekend started off on a good note though. I was able to get off work around 2. I went home and finished packing and then hubby and I ran some errands before heading to hometown.

Saturday was crazy crazy! All of the bridesmaids (minus 2) met up at the bridal shop to try on dresses. The original plan was for everyone to pick out their own dresses, but all in the same color. The bride-to-be wanted everyone to feel comfortable in what they were wearing.

The bride-to-be (the one with the phone permanently attached to her ear).

Like mother, like daughter!

When we got there, we all started pulling and trying on dresses. Those little clips came in very handy since all of the dresses were in sample sizes that were several sizes too large for most of us. Right away we found three dresses that we all liked. They were all very similar in style and would have gone great together.

This was the first dress we liked. It was very cute and had hidden pockets.

I pulled this one off the rack. It's very elegant and we all loved the bust.

This was another front runner for us. Very elegant.

Hubby's aunt C is legally blind so we had to show her up close and let her feel the details of each dress.

Then one of the bridesmaids walked out in this adorable full-length dress with a sweetheart neckline. We could immediately tell that it was one of the styles that would suit almost every body type. The bride-to-be really liked it because it mirrors her dress. The rest of the ladies quickly tried it on and it seemed to suit everyone. I tried it on last and I must say I loved it. I even loved the color, but the color the bride has chosen is very different. Initially it was supposed to be a sort of kelly green color. This dress doesn't exactly come in kelly green, but it does come in celadon, so I believe that's the color she's going for. (You can view the dress on the website HERE.)

Bridesmaid W (cousin of the bride)

Bridesmaid CB (also a cousin of the bride)

Bridesmaid CH (friend of the bride)
Maid of honor N (sister of the groom)

Maid of honor A (cousin of the bride)

Here I am (matron of honor) trying on the dress.

The chica in the background holding our dresses is another bridesmaid, J, and she is a friend of the bride. We were in her wedding in December 07.

We, amazingly, all agreed on the last dress. That is a miracle in itself since we are all shaped very differently and we all have different styles. But we all had fun trying on dresses and modeling them for the bride-to-be.

Here is a picture of the dress from the website. The colors will be different but you get the idea. Also, the bride wants to have them cut off to tea-length.

The mother of the groom-to-be wanted to get a picture of all of us together. She wanted to shoot it through the mirror, but in order to do so, she would have needed to turn the flash off and without the flash the pictures wouldn't have come out in the low light conditions we were in without a tripod.

The bride-to-be and her attendants (minus 2).

After the job of picking out the dresses, it was time to get sized. Dun dun dun! One of the bridesmaids used to work in the same bridal shop so she helped out and started measuring us. I was first up and it wasn't as terrible as I thought. Like all girls, everybody was nervous about being measured and having her measurements called out for the world to hear, but it really wasn't that bad. I mean, we are all friends so what does it matter? I took the opportunity to record my measurements so I can order some dresses online with giftcards I've been holding on to since my birthday and Christmas! Ha ha.

After the bridal shop, we headed down here to the city I live in. SIL found her dress here and wanted to show all the girls. We loaded up in the mother of the groom's Suburban and headed to the bridal shop here. As is common on a Saturday, the place was packed, but Ms. Jean remembered us and scooted SIL into a room so she could try on the dress.

The girls all loved her dress. And it suits her, which is the best part. I had my camera with me this time so I took more pictures, but I'm still not sharing them yet! Mainly because the dress she tried on didn't really fit so you wouldn't really even be able to see what it looks like on her. But, I guess I can share a picture of the dress from the website. Keep in mind that the dress pictured is two-toned and SIL's dress is going to be completely ivory.

After the bridal shop, we needed to go grab some lunch. I took them to Page's, and despite a not-so-pleasant experience when we first arrived, everything was delicious. I didn't hear any food complaints at all. Service initially was completely horrific, but it got much better shortly after. I just want to say that when you own/run a restaurant, your employees should be taught how to handle a party of 8 or more properly when there is no tables already set up to accomodate that party. You do not tell them they will have to sit at separate tables and whatever you do, you do it WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE. I have waited tables before so I know what is reasonably expected and accomplished when a party of that size comes in to eat. Apparently the people working at this restaurant aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they are hugely redeemed by their food!

After lunch it was time for more shopping. We went to TJ Maxx and I did a lot of looking but not a lot of buying. I just wasn't into it. I was tired by this point and so ready to get back to hometown and see my hubby. We hit up Belk after TJ Maxx and then finally we headed back to hometown. The ride was pretty uneventful and pretty quiet since we were all wiped out from our adventures. It was fun while we were there but boy was I glad to get back "home" to my hubby!


DSS said...

WOW...both dresses are gorgeous :) I do love that color for the bridesmaid's dress that you tried it on in!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

I love the dress y'all finally decided on!!!!!! It's beautiful!!! :)

sprinkles said...

What a fun day! Those dresses are all very pretty, it's gonna be a great wedding!

Ok, I totally don't get the cell phone glued to the ear thing! Who do you need to talk to that badly that you can't wait until you see them or get home to talk to them? I know people who are addicted to their cell phones and texting and I don't get why it's so important. Yes, they're nice to have in an emergency but it's not like you NEED to have it out and check your text messages or call your friends/family every 10 seconds or so! Is it really that bad to miss a phone call because you're at the grocery store? If it's important, they'll leave a message and you can call them back!

Cole said...

That is a gorgeous dress!! You all look beautiful. :-)

Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Both dresses are absolutely stunning!! Now I'm going to be anxiously waiting for the wedding pictures!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I like the dress you all decided on! Very pretty!
I love days like this! Sounds like soooo much fun! :)