Friday, June 11, 2010

Pool Party!

This is so late it's pathetic, but I have been at the mercy of my employer this week! I've been working on a big project that has required my full attention. The good news now is that it is over, but I am beginning a new one on Monday. Yikes!
I wanted to post these before they were a full month late so here we go. These are pictures I took on Memorial Day. The hubby, munchkins, and I joined my family at my grandmother's house for a little pool time and some yummy food on the grill. Most of my aunts and cousins were there which was nice. My baby cousins are the cutest! :)

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed taking pictures of them all playing in the pool and on the slip-n-slide. They were having a ball and so was I.

This is P. She was loving the slip-n-slide. It took her a little while to get the hang of it but eventually she mastered it. P is two, if you were wondering.

I just want to say that slip-n-slides have come a long way since I was a kid! The slip-n-slides back in the day were just a tarp that you had to run the water hose on. Now they hook up to the water and have these cool little sprinklers down the side. I almost gave it a whirl myself!

This is AK. Doesn't she look too stinkin' cute in her little OP floatie?

I'm taking pictures of her, her mom (my aunt), her dad, and her baby brother that is on the way. I have so many ideas for those maternity photos!

She was having fun playing with the sprinklers attached to the slip-n-slide.

I love this one!

This is my nephew C. This child has the prettiest blue eyes! Just wait, you'll see.

This is my "Mini-Me", A. We don't get to see her too often (she lives with her Dad in another city) so it was nice that she could join us.

My Miss Priss sunning beside her Mama.

This is my Boo, H. He's the baby brother I'm always talking about. Would you check out that farmer's tan? It's fitting since his dad is a farmer, don't you think? Ha ha.

I love this picture. The awkward pose somehow works.

This is my heart. :)

P moved on from the slip-n-slide to this beach ball thingy. It seemed to be a big hit too.

P has the most amazing blonde curls. I waited until her hair dried so I could get some pictures of her precious face. I love these next few candid shots. I think they'll be going in my portfolio.

She decided to start posing for me. She is such a cutie pie!

This is by far my favorite shot. LOVE it.

My sweet AK in her adorable flamingo bathing suit. She had a white terrycloth cover-up to match but I somehow missed getting a picture of it.

P again by the pool. Would you look at those curls???!!!

P & AK running for the slip-n-slide again.

These kids are too stinkin' cute!

Hubby and I didn't stay as long as we would have liked because we had an hour drive home and still had to stop by and say goodbye to his uncle (visiting from Maryland), but we did have a blast while we were there. The sun gave me a killer migraine but I enjoyed the fun in the sun while it lasted.

We are hoping to get at least part of our families to come visit us for the 4th of July. I'm hoping my mom and baby brother can come stay that weekend, we can go to the beach, the waterpark, and shopping on King Street or in the market. It would be fun. The only thing missing is a boat to take everyone out on. Since that isn't a priority, we won't have that for a LONG while. Ha ha.


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sprinkles said...

I always wanted a slip 'n' slide when I was little but my parents wouldn't buy one because they said it was too dangerous. So we played in the sprinkler instead.

I get really bad migraines if I'm out in the sun for too long too. Makes me just want to go home and lay down in a dark room and sometimes I feel sick. Helping a hat helps sometimes. Tomorrow I'm going to be spending probably all day out in the sun. I'm going to bring some tylenol with me though. And a hat.

Looks like you had a fun Memorial Day weekend! I don't even remember what I did which means I probably didn't do much of anything.