Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday was the Charleston Dog Show in Marion Square (downtown Charleston). Of course you know we HAD to go and take Bentley and Lexi. Any opportunity to do dog-related stuff and socialize the munchkins and we are so THERE. We went last year and I posted about it on the munchkins blog. You can go over there and read about it if you are interested. I forgot to take my camera along last year but I didn't forget this year!
We didn't get there until around 12, after spending nearly 30 minutes trying to find parking. We went a bit earlier last year but since it goes from 8am-3pm, I wasn't about to go and stay all day. A few hours was plenty of time to see everything.
Hairy Winston was there of course. That was our first stop. We swung by to say hello to Jennie before checking out all the vendors. There were A LOT and I can't even begin to remember them all! There were a ton of people there and nearly as many dogs. It was craziness.
Shortly after we got there we ran into our friends Melissa and William and their teensy weensy Chihuahua Rigby. Ya'll when I say this dog is tiny, I mean he is tiny. I first "met" Melissa through a Chihuahua forum I am an active member of but then we met in person at last year's Hairy Winston Fashion Show. We have been in love with little Rigby ever since!

Here is Rigby. Notice his handsome PADH!

Here is Bentley and Rigby together. Do you see the size difference? This is 2.5 lbs versus 5 lbs of Chihuahua!

Chihuahuas sharing the love.

We met up in front of the show ring just in time to watch the toy breed competition. Of course i took some pictures!

A Papillion getting judged.

A Pomeranian waiting to be judged.

Cute puppy but he had a little trouble walking. He was all over the place.

Sitting pretty.

How awesome is this girl? She was beautiful and reminded of just how tiny my little ones are!
I didn't catch this little girl's name but she was nearly as small as Rigby!

Miss Drama Queen was very well-behaved. Only a couple of grumbles because some kid with no parents tried to hit her in the head with a balloon.

Rigby with his Mama.

Would you look at that handsome boy sporting his PADH?

This little guy's name is Bentley too. I think his owners said he was around 10lbs so here is 10lbs versus 2.5!

I had a lot of fun at the show and I think Dru and the munchkins did too. It was so amazing to see all of the different dogs and it was such a great opportunity to socialize the munchkins more. The only bad part of the day is when some little girl, whose parents apparently weren't doing a lot of actual parenting, tried to pet Bentley and Lexi, WITHOUT ASKING, with the had a balloon was tied around. She hit them in the head AND she proceeded to come back by later and hit me in the head! And no, she wasn't not alone. Her dad was right there with her. I can't even begin to stress enough how important it is to teach your children about animals and the proper way to approach them. Yes, most dogs are very people friendly, my two included, but there are dogs out there that aren't and will snap or bite. And too, even very friendly dogs can be in a situation where they feel overwhelmed and the only person who can read that is his/her owners. So it is ALWAYS important that adults and children ask before petting. We saw both extremes at the dog show and it was so nice and refreshing to hear parents directing their children at how to approach the dogs.

We stayed around for a couple of hours and then we were all exhausted and ready to go home. We had a little bit of walk back to the car but once we got there, the munchkins settled in their carseat and went right to sleep. We still had yet to each lunch so we grabbed a salad at home and then had to go to Hairy Winston (the store this time) to pick up some sunscreen for the munchkins for our beach trip the following day.

You can see more pictures from the Dog Show at the Munchkins' blog.

Sunday morning I woke up and wasn't feeling quite right. But, I thought maybe if I got out and got a little sun, I might feel better. So we got our stuff together and headed to the beach. It was cloudy that morning but the clouds were supposed to clear and leave us with a beautiful, sunshine-y day. The temperature while it was cloudy was glorious. It was THE perfect temperature but it turned HOT quickly once the sun came out. I swear we skipped right over spring and headed right into summer. Ugh.

There were a lot of people with dogs on the beach. Since it's been a while since our last beach visit, Bentley and Lexi weren't too thrilled with the "intrusion" but once we start going regularly again, they'll get over it.

I took this shortly after arriving at the beach. It was still cloudy.

My handsome boy!

Lexi loves laying and rolling in the sand. She is such a character.

Some friends kept peeking out of their holes at us.

Another view after the sun came out. The munchkins love laying in the sunshine!
These dogs were sitting near us. Their owners were letting them run around off-leash which isn't exactly allowed but they were pretty well-behaved.

Lexi was saying "It's hot out here Mom!" We always take an umbrella for them and for hubby to sit under. He burns easily.

Watching the waves.

Snuggling on Mama's towel & cover-up.

Right before we decided to leave, Dru took the munchkins out to the water. They normally don't like the water "chasing" after them. They'll run up to it, but when it starts to come back they take off! It is so funny to watch.

Please excuse hubby's glaring lack of a suntan. He burns easily even when he uses SPF50. So he normally hangs out under the umbrella.

"Time to go back to Mama. Coming Mom!"

I was feeling progressively worse, so we decided to go home shortly after that. I think it was around 1:00pm or so. We both needed to eat anyway so we packed up and made the 2 minute drive back to the house. After a quick shower, and a quick bath for the munchkins (it was bath day for them), we got lunch from Ye Old Fashioned and then I laid down for a nap. I couldn't really sleep for longer stretches than like 20 minutes. At some point I thought I might have a fever so I checked it and sure enough, I had a slight fever. I felt awful, especially since I was sweating one minute and freezing the next.

I just took it easy the rest of the day and the munchkins were sweet enough to snuggle with me. I NEVER skip a meal, I LOVE food, but I felt so bad I couldn't even eat dinner. That is SO not like me, but thankfully after getting some rest Monday afternoon (I left work early), I began feeling much better. I'm pretty much back to my normal self now! Yay!

If you want to see more pictures from the beach on Sunday, you can check them out HERE.

Now onto this coming weekend. We have a full weekend ahead of us. We are going to our hometown for the weekend to celebrat Mother's Day with our moms. On Saturday, we have a vow renewal to attend. My MIL is catering the reception so I will be helping out with that. The vow renewal is for my SIL's boyfriend's parents. That will be a full day's worth there. My mom and stepdad will be in Myrtle Beach for his class reunion. Don't ask me why they scheduled it for Mother's Day weekend because I can't even begin to tell you.

Sunday we have a full day of visiting and food. We have to spend time with my Mom, probably go see my Mom's mom, go eat with my Dad's mom, and go to Dru's grandmother's with his whole family to eat with them. And then somewhere in there we have to find time to pack up and come home. Boy is it going to be an exhausting weekend!

I am hand-making all of our Moms' gifts. I can't tell you what they are or show you pictures yet because I don't know who will be popping in here, but I promise to post about them after Sunday. My Mom's is finished. I finished it on Wednesday night. It took forever! I've been working on it for over 2 weeks and never dreamed it would take so long. Unfortunately when I picked up the supplies, they didn't have what I needed for the other two so I have to pick that up tonight. I am only missing one piece for those but it is a crucial piece. Thankfully these two won't take very long at all. Next time I'll know to start a month in advance instead of two weeks in advance!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I hope that all you mothers out there have a wonderful Mother's day and I hope all you daughters out there get to spend some time with your Mothers and make their day special.



Go East Memphis Mama said...

Oh precious little chi-huey love!

Jenna said...

AW looks like a great time!! The beach looks so relaxing! Great photos!

sprinkles said...

What a fun weekend! Rigby is adorable! I love little dogs!

I burn easily too and don't tan very well. And being out in the sun for very long gives me a MASSIVE migraine! If I'm out there for too long, I start to feel sick too. Good to hear that Dru wears sunscreen. My father had skin cancer so I always encourage it!