Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Highlights

I hope all you lovelies had a wonderful weekend. Mine was quite nice. I started it off by going to get my hair cut. Nothing too terribly drastic. Just a trim...well, if you call 6-8 iches a trim! My hair was almost reaching my butt so it was a desperately necessary haircut and honestly, my hair is still pretty long. I meant to take before and after photos but I totally spaced and walked right out, got my hair cut, and got back home before I realized it. I've had long hair for about as long as I can remember. I did chop it all off in November 2008 (to about shoulder-length), and then again that following summer, but have been letting it grown back out since. The reason? Well, as odd as it sounds, my hair would curl better (yes, my hair is naturally curly) long than it would straight. Totally makes ZERO sense but that's the way it is with my crazy hair. And my hair was a lot more high-maintenance when it was shorter.

So I grew it back out and then went WAY too long without a trim. When she was done, there was a feeling of such huge relief. My head felt so much lighter. It was nice. Now I've got to be a good girl and get it cut every 6 weeks to keep it as healthy as possible. I'll try to remember to take pictures, but you won't see the difference really since there aren't any beefore pictures. :(

After leaving the salon, we went back home, got the munchkins and went to Pet Fest 2010. The munchkins blogged about our day and posted pictures HERE if you are interested. We had a nice time meeting all the different doggies, checking out all the vendors, and just walking around in the beautiful sunshine. The munchkins did so well, and that's saying a lot since Lexi is my little drama queen. She didn't make a peep and I was so proud of her! We only stayed for a couple of hours max and by then we were ready to go home.

Sunday was a trip to WalMart and then we planned to hit the beach. We went to WalMart to price how much it would be to start our vegetable and herb gardens. We are planting our gardens in containers instead of in the ground for lots of reasons and we needed to figure out how much we would be investing in plants so we could figure out how much we wanted to spend on building a box for everything. So far it looks VERY doable. I'm excited! Lots of my own fresh, organically grown veggies. Woo hoo!

After WalMart it was back home to pack up for the beach. As we were packing up the car for the short ride, I realized the wind was blowing quite a bit. That combined with the 60-degree ocean might make for a slightly cool beach breeze. So I suggestd we stay home and get some sun in the backyard. Hubby was more than happy to do that and the munchkins loved being able to run around the backyard and then run and jump on me in my lounge chair!

I got enough sun that I'll be comfortable in my dress for the wedding this weekend. I'm hoping to get a little sun time in this week when I get home from work just for good measure. And yes, I DO wear sunscreen. My moisturizer has SPF 15 in it and I apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going in the sun, and reapply every hour. As much as I love basking in the sun, I definitely DON'T want to get skin cancer. Yikes. However, the fact that I don't burn (even when not wearing sunscreen) definitely works in my favor. But I'm certainly not going to tempt fate.

The rest of the day yesterday, I just took it easy. Hubby and I had a nice dinner at home, caught up on some shows, and tried to rest up as much as possible since this coming weekend is going to be insane. We have to do flowers for his cousin's wedding and she is already showing signs of being a bridezilla. We aren't getting paid for this gig either. I'll just be glad when its all over and I can come back home. As much as I love weddings, going to one out of town, having to stay in a hotel, AND do flower arrangments and bouquets in less than two days is NOT my idea of fun.

I'll try to remember to take pictures of everything so I can share them with ya'll.


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sprinkles said...

What a fun weekend! Mine was nowhere near as exciting. Went to a friend's house for brunch on Saturday, then on Sunday I went to my parents house for dinner.

I'm very happy to hear you use sunscreen! My father has been dealing with skin cancer for awhile now. Mostly in the summer I think is when it seems to come back. He has to wear long sleeve shirts all year long now. He used to be the kind of person who could go outside for an hour and come back in with a full, deep body tan. He has Indian in him so he tans VERY easily! (You'd think I would too but I didn't pick up that ability).