Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's My Friday!

Today is my last day of the work week and I am so glad. This week I have been crazy busy at work and I need a break. Having tomorrow off from work is wonderful except for the fact that I'm still going to be "working" just not AT WORK. This Saturday is Dru's cousin's wedding. We are helping my MIL do the flowers and the worst part? We're not getting paid. But, I would think the wedding flowers is a lovely wedding present for the bride, right? I thought so when it was our wedding and we only had to pay the wholesale price of the flowers. The labor was free. :)
So tonight I will be packing up our bags and getting everything loaded in the car in preparation for the morning. Oh and I will also be trying to get a couple of marks out of my dress. Not fun and I hope they come out or else I am SOL. This is the dress I'll be wearing...I think.

Sorry, I know its a terrible picture. I couldn't find a picture of it online (got it from Macy's last year for something like 50-75% off). I'll be pairing it with these shoes (to mimic the rhinestone detail in the straps of the dress).

I may end up making a quick run to TJ Maxx and Ann Taylor after work and after I swing by the library to pick up my books that are on hold. A girl always likes to have options! Plus I have an Ann Taylor gift card burning a whole in my pocket! Ha ha.

So what do you think of the look above? I'm not entirely certain on the jewelry yet but I have a lot of options in that department.

We will be heading to Sumter tomorrow morning. Luckily Dru's aunt owns an antique store there and has offered to let us set up shop there to do all of the arrangements. We aren't allowed at the wedding/reception site until Saturday which makes things more difficult, but it can be done. The best part about working out of Dru's aunt's store is that the munchkins will be with me the entire time. I won't have to worry about leaving them at the hotel alone. And since we heard that someone was shot at the hotel we were originally going to be staying at (yeah nice, I know), I'm not so thrilled with leaving them anywhere unattended.

I always try to take pictures of the work we have done so I'll try to remember to do that so I can share some of it with you all. I'm hoping that I'll remember to get pictures of all of us all gussied up in our wedding attire and pictures at the reception. We'll see if that actually happens but I hope it will.

So I will be absent from the blogging world tomorrow and through the weekend. But I look forward to "seeing" you all again on Monday! Have a fabulous weekend ladies.



Nadine said...

Tiffany, that dress is fabulous and the shoes go oh so well with it! I think for jewelry you should do something in silver.

Have a great and fun weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures next week!

Hugs, Nadine

capperson said...

i love it! The color is so pretty!!!

sprinkles said...

I love that dress! The shoes - not so much! But we all have different tastes and that's what makes us interesting.

Hope you have a wonderful time this weekend, even though you'll be working, just not at work.

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!! Love your blog girly!! :)