Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up...or NOT

I have been trying to upload pictures to this computer from my memory card for two days and it is just not happening. I was hoping to share my weekend and the few pictures that I actually took with you all but it looks like this computer doesn't want that to happen. So, I don't really have much at all to blog about.

I guess I could tell you how my recipe organizing went...or is going. Nope, still not finished. I went out and bought a big ole 3" binder, some sheet protectors, and a stick of glue (just in case). When I start organizing I become really anal about it and everything has to be just so. Needless to say, that fact is causing this project to drag on. I have been typing up all of our regular recipes as well as some new ones we tried out on Sunday and yesterday. So far everything has turned out to be amazing which is great since we started hubby's new diet for his intestinal health. (He was diagnosed with diverticulitis and then IBS for those of you who are just joining us here.) Once I finally get the recipes organized and myself caught up on blogging, blog-reading, etc. I will definitely be sharing some of these awesome recipes with you all. Sprinkles and Nadine, the ranch recipe WILL be among those. Don't worry, I didn't forget!

Right now in my living room I have four piles of recipes and a couple of piles of recipe books. I am re-typing everything so that it is all in the same font (I told you I'm anal!). I am so far able to get two recipes on each page, which is nice. I already have my categories all mapped out and am just trying to separate all my recipes into those categories and type them up. I'm typing up my own recipes that we make regularly and also ones from other people and the internet that we have tried and approved. The new ones that have yet to be tried will the last to go in the book because obviously I want to try them and either throw them out or approve them before I waste my time typing them up and printing them out.

So, so far everything is going good. I'm working on it all a little at night when I get home. But there just never seems to be enough time in the day!

Oh yeah, I also added a formspring box in the right sidebar. If there is anything you want to know, feel free to ask away. If not, that's okay too! I will promise to try and answer all appropriate and respectful questions. I am hoping by opening myself up to questions that these questions will help me with ideas for blog posts. We'll see.

Hopefully I can figure out what is going on with this computer or can upload the pictures to my laptop so I can share my weekend with you!

And to those of you who have offered kind words and prayers for my stepdad, THANK YOU! If you follow me on Twitter then you probably already know this, but for those of you who don't, this weekend his stress test showed some abnormalities. They did a heart cath yesterday and it came back all clear. So his pain is definitely NOT due to an arterial blockage or narrowing which is great news. Hopefully now his life can get back to normal and hopefully he'll stay out of the hospitals for a long while.

Yesterday I received some bad news though. My friend and coworker Deb got word over the weekend that her brother was in a really bad car accident. He lives in Massachusetts so she is getting all the information secondhand, but she will be flying up there today to see him. He is messed up pretty badly. He had a huge number of injuries the least of which were two shattered ankles. He had tears in both his aorta and his carotid artery, lots of internal bleeding, and several other issues I don't remember. He had an 8-hour surgery this weekend in which they removed his spleen. He then had a stroke yesterday followed by several seizures. An MRI determined that he had about 25% brain function. Then this morning they found more blood pooling in his abdomen and had to rush him back into surgery. He has yet another surgery scheduled for later today as well. So he is in very bad shape and is nowhere near being in the clear. We still don't know how things are going to turn out and there is a real possibility that he may not make it through this. I don't know her brother but I have been keeping him in my prayers. She could use your prayers on behalf of her brother more than ever. So I will ask you again (I know I sound like a broken record) that if you feel led, to please pray for my friend's brother.

And just so we're not ending on a sad note, here is a picture of my pretty little princess. She always brings a smile to my face.



Nadine said...

My Lord Tiffany, you are certainly extremely anal about your recipe organization!! I too wanted to type up everything, but decided the job was just too daunting, plus I'm constantly getting new recipes and wouldn't want to go through my lifetime typing new recipes every time I get one! That's why I decided, for me, that folders were the way to go.

Great news about your StepDad!! But so sorry to hear about Deb's brother, I'm praying that he makes it through this.

Jenna said...

Touch of OCD? hehe I'm like that too when it comes to organizing..but then it usually takes so long I end up giving up! I like the question box..I may steal it!! Hope you find some good recipies for your hubby!

sprinkles said...

I'm the same way when trying to organize things! It takes me forever and I sometimes give up halfway through if it seems overwhelming.

Great news about your stepdad!

So sad about Deb's brother! I've been keeping your stepdad in my prayers and will try to remember to add your friend. I've been praying every night for a job too and that hasn't happened yet so I don't know if it'll help or not but I will continue to pray for everyone.

Kerr said...

good luck with the recipe organizing! I tried to do mine but have failed miserably.

simpledaisy said...

I am not good at organizing anything:)
My recipes are all over the place and so I never end up using the ones I have torn out! I usually just come up with something on my own or use the internet!
I don't know where i'd be with the world wide web:)