Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

It was a pretty nice weekend here in Charleston. Saturday was gorgeous and warm! We had a full day planned with the Munchkins and most of it was spent outside! It was glorious.

Friday evening Bentley had a wellness visit. Everything is A-okay. The vet said his coat, weight, conditioning, teeth, etc. all look awesome. For the second time he remarked on Bentley's teeth and how great they look for his age and his breed (Chihuahuas are notorious for having terrible teeth). I attributed his pretty teeth to my nightly brushings and his twice daily chewing on bully sticks. (Wait till he gets a load of Lexi's teeth...GORGEOUS! Prettiest teeth on a dog I've ever seen!) We measure out their food every feeding and are very careful when giving treats not to overdo it and add on extra weight. Even a couple of extra ounces can mean a lot of pain and health issues for these little guys. I got a call earlier today saying that the intestinal parasite tests came back negative. And the bill was a lot easier to swallow this time since he didn't need any shots (they were all 3-year shots at his 1-year appointment).

Saturday morning we took the Munchkins for a walk around the neighborhood. Of course they insisted on greeting everyone we can across. We met more of our neighbors as they were outside enjoying the sunshine too. There are a lot of children in our neighborhood so it's a good thing that the Munchkins like children. Bentley actually LOVES them, especially babies. Normally I walk Lexus and hubby walks Bentley but this time I walked Bentley. Bentley pulls and tries to go off into other people's yards when hubby walks him. He doesn't do this with me. I think it's because I have made it clear that I am the pack leader and Daddy has made it clear that he is a pushover. Lexi walked great with hubby though so that was good.

At one point though, we passed by one house. The dad was in the garage on the phone. Bentley saw him and wanted to go say hello. I wouldn't let him so we kept going. But when we reached their side porch, the mom and the two little girls were on the porch. Bentley put the brakes on when he saw them and completely refused to move. No matter what I said to him, he stayed put. I knew exactly what he was after because he is such a social butterfly. So I told them that he wanted to say hello. They were very sweet and came out to the sidewalk to meet him. The kids (one was a baby) were very gentle when petting him and he was eating it up. He was giving them kisses on their hands left and right. When he finally decided he greeted them sufficiently we moved along. He was fine until we came across another neighbor and her adorable puppy. It was some sort of spaniel although I'm not exactly sure which type. Bentley wanted to say hello so I let him then insisted we be on our way. It was time to leave for the fashion show.

We got the Munchkins all decked out in their duds and away we went to the Towne Center.

Too stinkin' cute, right? Yeah, I thought so too!

Every year, in the Mount Pleasant Towne Center, they hold an Art Festival. The fashion show was part of that and was to benefit the Grateful Golden Retriever Rescue of the Low Country and the Charleston Animal Society. Last year Bentley and Lexus were in the fashion show but this year the models were dogs up for adoption with the Grateful Golden Rescue and the CAS.

When we got to Hairy Winston before the show, it was chaotic. There was a lot going on with everyone getting ready for the show. Not to mention that both organizations were set up right outside the door. There were a lot of people around and a lot of people inside. We looked around for a few minutes to see if there was anything new, talked to Jennie, and then went outside to sit with the munchkins on the bench while we waited for the show to start. Jennie asked me to take pictures for her so it was a good thing I had my awesomely fabulous DSLR with me!

Waiting with Dad for the show to start!
The first models in the show! Notice the lovely handmade collars and leashes.

Next up, two more adorable pups!

A Golden/Chow mix. Isn't she lovely with the bows in her hair and the flower around her neck?

A Chihuahua! If we had room she may have come home with me!

Going swimming!

This little Dachsund puppy stole my heart. He probably would have come home with us if we had the room! I just feel in love with that sweet face!


vs. Carolina

The doggies didn't like the slippery stage very much.

And the last model for the day!

It was fun watching all the sweet doggies and taking pictures. We hung around for a little while longer but with the sun, carrying around Lexi and the camera, I was pretty tired. So we headed back home for a night in.

Sunday was rainy but we had a lot to do. I woke up feeling very blah and apparently I had some trouble breathing in my sleep. Hubby said he woke me up because I was gasping for air. I vaguely remember that but I have no idea what was going on. After some yummy french toast for breakfast and a shower I was feeling better. We needed to get my wedding rings inspected and have my sapphire ring from Christmas resized (long story but the Kay Jewelers near us closed thus causing the delay). We had to schlep all the way to North Charleston (it's only like a 15 minute drive but still) to the mall to the Kay Jewelers there. We were in there for quite a while having my rings inspected and cleaned, doing the necessary paperwork to have the other ring resized, and also they offered to resize hubby's ring right then. He's lost 20 pounds since we've been married and despite having taken his ring to have it resized at a jewelry store in our hometown, it was still too big. It wasn't until they measured it at Kay that we realized it was probably never resized to begin with. Typical.

I did some browsing for what I'd like my anniversary band to look like and hubby looked at some men's bands. He mentioned one he'd like to upgrade to seeing as how he wouldn't let me bling his out before we got married. :(

We left there with our rings all nice and sparkly and went to Sears, of course. Nothing of interest to hubby in there really so we grabbed some lunch in the food court (Sbarro pizza) and headed back home. We picked up the munchkins and then proceeded to hit all the pet stores in this area looking for Easter outfits for them. I want matching yellow outfits but I just can't seem to find anything. After looking online I've figured something out although they don't match 100%. I'm thinking I'll go with the outfit of Bentley's pictured above (it's so hard to find cute male dog clothes) and match Lexi's dress to that. If I had time I'd have my awesome friend Susan make something for them, but I just don't think there is anywhere enough time before Easter. (If you are just joining us then you probably don't know that I am nutso over my dogs. Well I am, totally. Just wanted to clear that up.)

I did pick something up for them, or for me depending on how you look at it, but you'll just have to wait and see what that is! After that it was a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up some groceries and of course rent New Moon for $1, and then homeward bound.

So what did I think of New Moon. Hmmm...I'm not sure yet. I'm not crazy over the movies like most girls and young women I know but I did enjoy the first one. I felt like it totally played with my emotions. This one I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it. I'll let you know. I think maybe I need to read the books to get the full feel for the storyline. We'll see.

Okay, there is more but I think this post is long enough. I'll save the rest for later!



sprinkles said...

That fashion show looked like a lot of fun!

The weekend weather was nice here too but not quite as nice as there. I wore one of my favorite summer dresses on Sunday. Yesterday was nice too but it turned cold in the afternoon and hailed. I took advantage of the warm weather today and took my chi's for a walk.

I love that picture of Bentley in the third picture all sprawled out on Dru's lap. So sweet!

sprinkles said...
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Go East Memphis Mama said...

Oh my word your puppies are just the cutest! We are chi hooey people as well:)