Monday, March 1, 2010

Valentine's Day & My Birthday

Yeah, I know, I'm super late with posting about these. Give me a break will ya?! Ha ha. Hubby has been sick AGAIN so things have been nutso in the Munchkin household.

So, to recap our Valentine's Day. As a general rule we really don't DO Valentine's Day. We've been together for 11 going on 12 years and after that long you have soooo many days to celebrate something that you find yourself letting some of the more minor ones (i.e. holidays created by merchants) fall by the wayside. We don't exchange gifts. We leave that for the big stuff like birthdays and anniversaries. We decided to just take it easy. Hubby was such a sweetheart and let me sleep in. I am not a morning person AT ALL but he totally is. So I woke up to the most scrumptious smell wafting into the bedroom. Just as I was opening my eyes hubby came strutting in with a tray full of yummy breakfast.

Yep, those ARE heart-shaped pancakes. So sweet! So I had yummy in my tummy pancakes, turkey bacon (I like it better than regular bacon, what can I say?), and Jamaican-Me-Crazy coffee (it is a gourmet coffee blend with kahlua in it! YUMMO!).

After breakfast we pretty much to took it easy and got ready to go out for a Valentine's lunch complete with dessert (which of course we don't normally have for lunch). I decided (it was my choice) that I wanted to go to Longhorn because I was craving the Wild West Shrimp. Hubby was bummed he couldn't have any (because of the diverticulitis) but he had a yummy chicken sandwhich of some sort. We finished it off with the Goldrush dessert which was heaven! Like we say here in the South, it made me wanna slap my mama! (Not really....I would NEVER!) Ha ha. We did a little window-shopping afterwards planning for some home makeovers and then off to Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha to share.

Then it was back home to start preparing for dinner. Hubby was such a dear and cooked some really yummy ribeyes for us. Well, I should say WE cooked. It was his idea to cook for me but since he made me breakfast I was insistent on helping him with dinner. I think we had mashed potatoes or something along with a vegetable but I can't be sure. My memory just isn't what it used to be! Ha.

Now on to my birthday. All in all it was a nice birthday week. We were super swamped at work so I didn't have much time for blogging and I was exhausted by the time I got home so we didn't really do much that week. Friday was the day of my birthday. I got up early, did my hair and make-up (which is VERY unusual for me on a workday), and headed to Starbucks for my free birthday drink. I also picked up three additional coffees for a few of my coworkers. When I arrived at my office there was a vase of three red roses and a purty polka dot balloon waiting for me. It was from my friend and coworker Deb. She is such a sweetie pie! I forgot to take a picture but trust me the roses were gorgeous and the balloon was totally me.

On my desk was a card from another of my coworkers and his family. He has three adorable kids who are so well-behaved, well-mannered, and just all around sweethearts. We had a lot going on at work that day so I didn't really do much else. I was able to go out to lunch with Deb and her husband to my favorite gourmet Chinese restaurant. It was the perfect birthday lunch! When I got home hubby was there waiting on me. We had a nice dinner together and went to bed early.

Saturday morning we tried to take it easy. We went to Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha to share and a couple of yummy bacon, egg, and gouda sandwiches and then it was off to TJ Maxx. I was looking for something to wear to dinner that night but I ended up finding an adorable green dress coat (which was paid for by birthday money from my Mom...THANKS MOM!) and a pair of adorable patent leather Cole Haan (with Nike Air) flats which were a birthday gift from hubby. I decided to skip trying to find something to wear and just make something in my closet work.

We invited several of our family members and friends to come join us for dinner at Southend Brewery downtown but it turned out to be a bad weekend. My Dad and stepmom were going to come but my stepmom was informed earlier that day that her Dad may have had a stroke. He lives in North Carolina, so she was waiting to hear back from her family there. My Mom wasn't able to leave my stepdad, who is still recovering from his surgery so she promised to come have dinner with us for my brother's birthday (which is tomorrow). We may be able to get together this weekend but I'm not sure. My Nanny and Papa were coming but my Papa woke up with the flu. Yeah, it sucks, I know. Several of my friends were sick all week that week and others were either out of town that weekend or had something already planned. So it ended up being me, hubby, my MIL, my FIL, my SIL, my BIL, my SIL's boyfriend and his best friend, my friend Deb, and her husband Nick. Even with everyone who couldn't make it we still had a table full!

My sweet friend Deb gave me some Charleston Gate jewelry. It's beautiful and I actually am wearing it today! I'll try to remember to take a picture later. My MIL gave me a Pandora bracelet and the SIL gave me a present charm to go on it. I'm so excited about it too. I've wanted one for ages and I can't wait to start filling it up!

My friends Deb and Nick.

My adorable husband.

My MIL & FIL. (I had to sneak pictures or else they would hide from me!)

My SIL's boyfriend and his best friend.

My BIL & SIL (My BIL was sunburnt from playing soccer earlier that day.)

And of course me and the sweet hubs.

Please excuse my hair. Unfortunately it was warm AND humid here on my birthday and all my hard work on my hair fell almost totally flat. I forgot to take pictures before I left the house but I was super happy with it while we were still there. By the time we got downtown and walked from the parking garage to the restaurant, it was nearly flat.
If you're wondering I had a salad, crabcakes with fried green tomatoes and a corn salad, and apple crisp for dessert. And yes it WAS yummy.
After dinner Dru's family wanted to walk around downtown and show SIL's boyfriend and his best friend downtown Charleston. The two of them have never been so we wanted to show them around. Unfortunately my SIL is two years younger than me, her boyfriend is one or two years younger than her, and his best friend is even younger than him. So, that equals at least one person not 21 and not allowed in any of the bars downtown. On top of that, BIL's 21st birthday isn't until the end of March so we had two underage kids. So taking them IN anywhere was a no go. But we did walk them down East Bay and Market Street, took them in Moon Pie and the Candy Kitchen. After that there wasn't really much we could do with them so we decided to head home. We were both pooped (we are such old people!) and the family was heading back hom anyway.
When we got back home I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. Hubby has turned me into such an old lady. Ha ha. I am grumpy if I don't get to go to bed by 9:00! Sad I know.
It was a nice birthday even though some key people were absent. Don't worry I DO intend on having them all make it up to me. I am hoping my Mom brings my brothers to see me this weekend and go out to dinner. Dusty's birthday is tomorrow and we normally celebrate by having dinner together around his birthday. This year he will be bringing his girlfriend (who is two years older than him by the way) along which is fine as long as they come here to have dinner! And I miss my baby brother like crazy!
My Nanny and Papa said we'd plan something together soon. I'm happy with just going to her house the next time we are in town and getting a home-cooked meal. She is THE best cook I know.
Hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to blog about soon. Right now my life is work, work, work, more work, and medical bills. Yikes! But I'm hoping once spring is officially here things will turn around and I'll be a much better and more interesting blogger!



Jenna said...

Wow what a sweet husband!! Heart shaped pancakes!!!

Happy Birthday!!

sprinkles said...

How sweet, heart shaped pancakes!

Hope Dru is feeling better. I've heard diverticulitis can be pretty painful!

Please let us know how your stepdad and grandpa are doing!

Cole said...

How adorable! Go, Dru!!

You sure packed a whole lot of fun into one post. :-)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Awww, how adorable are those pancakes?! So sweet! Love the pictures, you two make the most adorable couple!

Heather said...

Holy smokes - all that talk of food and I am hungry! LOL First of all your hubby is so incredibly sweet! What a romantic breakfast...and lunch & dinner on Vday! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday as well. :o)

My name is PJ. said...

Letting you sleep in....followed by a distinctly Valentine's Day breakfast? That's my idea of Vday... roses, not so much!

Your hubby is on the brink of aging to perfection.

Happy Belated Birthday!