Friday, March 5, 2010


All I can say is that I am SO thankful that it is finally Friday. This week has seemingly dragged on and on with no end in sight. But at last, Friday is here and it is time to begin my weekend! Sure, I have an 8 hour day to finish first, but then it is fun times and relaxing on the weekend. Our weekend is pretty full which normally would make me groan, but since we've had several weekends at home relaxing due to hubby's illness, it is a nice change.

Today a woman who works for a customer company of the company I work for (confused yet?) is coming to Charleston. She is on vacation in Myrtle Beach and after speaking with Deb (one of my coworkers) she has agreed to pop down here for a visit. She is someone we do regular correspondance with so it will be nice to finally meet her in person. Her only stipulation for visiting us was that we have to show her a good time. That, we can do. So tonight we are all going out (on the company's dime no less) downtown for happy hour and a little nightlife afterward.

The plan is to go to the Noisy Oyster for happy hour drinks and appetizers (you can't beat their prices!) and then from there to the Market Street Saloon (think Coyote Ugly). Not sure how I feel about that last stop but I'm willing to give it a try. It's not exactly mine & hubby's type of place or atmosphere but we'll give it a try. I'm really excited though because we'll be meeting up with some new friends. Hopefully it will be fun.

Hubby and I were originally supposed to be going to dinner with my Mom, my brother Dusty, and his girlfriend for Dusty's birthday. But, with my stepdad in the hospital and my Mom having to take time off to be with him, she won't be able to make it on Friday. So those plans are being rescheduled.

Saturday I am hoping to get an organizational project started. My recipe collection is in dire need of some organization. And, with hubby's condition necessitating a strict lifestyle change, this organization is needed more than ever. So I am going to have to implement Saturdays as our menu-planning day for the following week, and also our grocery shopping day (because Sunday is just WAY too crowded in the grocery store). This Saturday my plan is to at least begin this recipe-organizing project, even if I'm not able to finish it that same day. We have to be very careful what Dru eats from now on to avoid causing him any intestinal pain so that means my diet is also having to change. (I mean really, who wants to cook two separate meals for two people?) At some point that day we are going to sit down, decide what we are going to eat each day of the week (I'm not big on leftovers but hubby doesn't mind them), make our grocery list, and go shopping being sure to stick to our grocery list. We normally carry a list to the grocery store anyway so that won't be a big change, but I'm hoping the organization will help to keep menu planning much less stressful! Wish us luck!

We were also invited to a birthday party for one of hubby's cousins on Saturday. They are a very sweet couple with two adorable children who we genuinely like spending time with. We don't get to see them very often, even though they only live like 2 minutes from us, but when we are around them we seem to enjoy ourselves. If hubby feels up to it we will most likely be popping over to help celebrate his cousin's birthday.

Sunday, if my stepdad is no longer in the hospital and is doing well, my Mom may be rescheduling dinner for that evening. Otherwise that day will be our day to take it easy just doing some minor cleaning and upkeep, and laundry. Oh and I'm sure there will be lots of snuggles with the Munchkins.

I can't tell you how ready I am for the clock to strike 5:00pm this afternoon!

Oh and a quick update on my stepdad. He is still in the hospital but the prognosis looks good. He was admitted as a heart patient just as a precautionary measure due to his family's history of heart conditions. So far all the tests are showing that his pain isn't related to the heart. Most likely, which is what I've thought all along, is that it is inflammation resulting from his previous surgery and not following doctors orders properly. He has been doing a lot of traveling in the car to and from doctor's appointments with him Mom, going to meetings with his Dad, and just doing a lot of stuff his body just isn't ready for. He tends to freak out and blow things out of proportion when he is sick on top of letting issues get to their worst before seeking medical attention.

I am glad that everything seems to be okay with him but in the last month I have come to a conclusion. Men are BIG babies. After seeing my stepdad freak out over the years over the smallest things (health and pain-wise) and my husband then do the same thing in the last few months I've realized it is definitely a good thing men can't have babies. They'd never survive! All you married ladies out there, if you haven't already realized this fact that men are big babies when it comes to pain, then I can assure you that you soon will. But what can you do? Ya gotta love em, right?

And just so you know, yes my husband knows I am saying this and he will readily admit that he is a big baby when it comes to pain. At least he's learning!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday! :)


Nadine said...

This has seemed like a never ending week for me just went on and on and on, lol!!

As far as recipe organization, I've got a pretty good system worked out....I have a big redwell with folders inside, and each folder is labeled "chicken" "fish" "pasta" etc. It makes my meal planning so easy as I can grab the folder I want and look through it for ideas and recipes.

And men being big babies when it comes to pain? are so right!!! I would just love to see them go through what we gals have to go through every single month, haha!!

Glad to hear that your stepfather is feeling better and I hope he continues on the path of get well health!

We don't have much planned this weekend, except celebrating my godson's birthday tomorrow night at my friend Lisa's house...and this includes Chewy and Lilibell! Chewy is very excited to be going to see his girlfriend Sally Jean!

Have a good weekend Tiffany!!

Love, Nadine

Heather said...

I'm glad this week is coming to a close for you. I hope you are able to recoop a bit this weekend!

sprinkles said...

What a busy weekend!!! I hope you have fun with your friend tonight!

Relieved to hear your step-dad is going to be ok! Yes, men are big babies when they're sick. My father is for sure. I dated a guy who was the worst when he got sick. Yet when I was sick, he was all, "You don't look sick to me!"