Friday, March 19, 2010


I know I haven't blogged here at all this week. But I did help the Munchkins blog over at their blog this week. I had been neglecting their blog up until this week so I felt like I needed to help with some posts. Things have been pretty boring this week, aside from my stepdad being BACK in the hospital and needing another surgery today. He is having surgery to have his gall bladder removed. I think this makes like 3-4 surgeries since the beginning of 2010. Crazy, huh?

My friend's brother is doing okay. He has been concious this week and talking (although his speech is slurred from the stroke) this week. He will be needing a lot of physical therapy but he is doing a lot better than expected.

Hubby has been doing alright this week. No issues with his tummy since we started this strict diet to eliminate the tummy pain but he has been having some pain in his chest. He has a "use injury" that will flare up occasionally. It's pretty minor, considering.

I've been good, but busy at work. I've been so exhausted in the evenings that I have been totally and completely useless. Things are a little stressful at work right now for reasons that are completely beyond my control. I just wish I could fix the things that need to be fixed and make things a lot less stressful for everyone. This may be a sign that it is time for me to move into the medical field in preparation for going to med school. It's not easy to study when I'm already falling asleep on my way home. Yeah, not good.

As Spring is beginning, things are beginning to pick up for hubby and I. This weekend is the annual Art Festival. We participated in the Hairy Winston Fashion Show last year. They both got all dressed up in their fashion from Hairy Winston and strutted their stuff onstage. Well, sort of. I carried Lexi and had Bentley walk, but he stopped halfway and I had to pick him up. He wasn't very fond of the hat that came with his outfit! They are holding the Fashion Show again this year but we aren't participating. It is to benefit the Golden Retreiver Rescue and I believe those dogs that are up for adoption are modeling. I think they'll be fabulous! We will definitely be attending and taking pictures. I love any chance to get Bentley and Lexus out of the house for a little socialization. Lexi needs it.

I hope to also do a little thrifting on Saturday. Hubby and I are in desperate need of matching nightstands. In a perfect world I would love some distressed turquoise nightstands with 2-3 drawers but at this point I'm willing to take what I can get. I think it will be fun to refinish it if we find something good.

I'm also hoping to get some shopping in. I have gift cards left over from Christmas and since I'll already be in the Towne Center where there is fabulous shopping, I'll have to check out the current inventory.

Next weekend is my BIL's birthday. He is turning 21. Of course we are going to hometown that weekend to celebrate. I know the family is throwing him a party but I'm not sure what type of party. If it is a "party party" then I'm not sure how hubby and I will fit in. We'll be the oldest people there! What a way to make me feel ancient at the tender age of 25!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not but hubby's Mom and sister do flowers for weddings and hubby and I always help. We actually did the flowers for our own wedding. Here's a little peek:

My girls' bouquets

My bouquet done by my SIL

It wasn't easy that's for sure, but we knew it wouldn't be. We have been helping them do weddings for years. Of course it was a little different doing our own flowers with them and A LOT more stressful, but it worked out beautifully. They 100% accomplished my vision and then some. The table arrangements themselves were MASSIVE. I'm talking super huge. I'd show you a picture but I don't seem to have one on this computer. :( They alone took hours upon hours.

Anyway, I tell you that because we have several weddings to do flowers for this spring and summer. The first one is on April 17th and it is hubby's cousin's wedding, SIL is a bridesmaid...and its an out of town wedding on top of that. So there is definitely going to be a time crunch involved. We will most likely miss the ceremony but that's okay as long as we make it to the reception. Anyway, for this wedding I need something to wear and I haven't the faintest idea what it will be. I may need to do some shopping for that, hopefully with my gift cards!

I can't even begin to tell you how ready I am for beach weather! I have my eye on several bathing suits at Victoria's Secret but they are all on backorder. :( This weekend is supposed to be in the mid-high 70s and I can't wait! I'm breaking out my shorts and flip-flops!

Bentley has a wellness visit today. He'll go in for his normal yearly tests and get his yearly vaccinations. He does so well at the vet that I usually don't have to worry. The only thing I normally worry about is if he will have a reaction to his shots. He hasn't yet so far but you never know! I get to leave work early in order to make it to his appointment on time, so of course that has me smiling! :)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend



sprinkles said...

So sorry to hear about your stepdad. I hope this surgery goes well and that it'll be his last one for a very long time!

Glad your hubby and your friend's brother is doing ok. Been keeping everyone in my prayers and will continue to do so.

The Hairy Winston Fashion show sounds like a lot of fun! I love things like that!

I try to take my dogs out and socialize them too. Haven't done that in awhile. Shiver is so scared of everything and just wants to be held.

I'm totally ready for beach weather too! Even though there aren't any beaches around here! I just want the warm weather to stay for more than a day or two.

simpledaisy said...

you sure do have a lot on your plate!
hope everything starts to turn for the positive...
Just breathe and keep on breathing!!!