Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We had a visitor yesterday!!!!! And why, you ask, does that make me so excited (hence the multiple exclamation points)? Well, if you'd ask who that visitor was then maybe you'd see why I'm so excited. Oh alright, I'll just go ahead and tell you. Our houseguest was none other than my baby brother, Henry!

He had a dentist appointment here yesterday. Mom called me on Monday to let me know so that I could possibly meet up with them after I got off work and he was done at the dentist. When I called they were in the Towne Center doing some shopping. Mom was looking for an Easter outfit. I found them at Ann Taylor and walked around with them to several different places before heading back to my house.

Since Lil Henry is on spring break this week (oh how I would love to get those days back again!) and since hubby commutes to the town my Mom lives in for work every day, Henry decided to stay the night.

The sad fact is that I haven't seen this kid since New Years! No kidding. I know, I'm a terrible granddaughter, daughter and sister seeing as how I only live an hour away from them. But, in my defense we had planned several trips to our hometown in the last few months but with hubby's health issues and my stepdad's hospital stays and recovery periods (we normally crash at my Mom's and surgical wounds + 2 hyper Chihuahuas = VERY BAD SITUATION), it just didn't work out. So when I got the chance to see my baby brother, who I have been missing dearly, I jumped at the chance.

Bentley and Lexi were very excited to see him and Mom. They really love their Uncle Hen and their Mimi. Bentley and Lexi loved on Henry for what seemed like hours...that is, until the bully sticks came out meaning supper time. On Saturday, hubby and I made chicken and dumplings and since that is Lil Henry's fave, he had those leftovers for dinner. It must have been good too because he cleaned his plate!

We don't really have too much at our house for a 7 year old to do except watch tv, play with the dogs, and play the Wii but Henry seemed to be perfectly happy with just watching tv with us. He too is a fan of American Idol.

Despite the fact that we have two guest rooms with perfectly good, comfy beds in them, a nice comfy couch, a comfy recliner, AND a super duper comfy papasan, the child still wanted to sleep on the floor in our room. I just shook my head and got everything ready for him because I have a hard time saying no to my Booboo. Thank goodness it has been in the mid-high 70s here all week so that it was warm enough in the house that he wouldn't freeze to death. We pulled the big cushion from the papasan and made him a nice little bed in our room. Bentley and Lexi both spent time wiggling and loving on him before they got back in our bed and settled down for sleep. Before his head even hit the pillow, Lil Henry was asleep.

This morning he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we woke him up. I think it was the promise of McDonald's for breakfast on his way home that motivated him! Ha ha. And the fact that he is going to see us again in only a few days since we are heading that way for this Easter weekend.

I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it was to spend some time with him. He is such a cool kid and I love him like he is one of my own. I guess that's what happens when you are over 17 years apart. I'm hoping to make his visits more frequent this summer when he is out on break. It isn't easy for us to get everything packed up for us and the munchkins to go to our hometown and then make the 1-hour drive only to do it all over again a day or two later to come back home. We have made a promise to each other that, in order to reduce the stress in our lives, we will limit our trips "home". So I don't miss out on either of my brothers' lives, I plan to have them come here and hang out with us some weekends too. I think now that they are both older, there are more things that we can all do together that all of us will enjoy. And it doesn't hurt that we live only 2 minutes from the beach!

I want to apologize for being so absent lately. Things have been crazy at work. I've been swamped, especially this week as it is the end of the month. I hope that I have more time for blogging soon. I miss it so and I miss you guys. I AM reading your blogs, albeit a few days behind, but in the essence of time, I am not commenting. I promise to start commenting again as soon as things start to even out.

Oh and I am dying to show you Lexi's Easter outfit! But I am trying to be a good girl and wait until Easter to reveal it. It's fab!



sprinkles said...

That's so sweet you got to spend the night with your little brother! I wish I could see my brother and his fiance. They're expecting a baby too which I would love to get to know. Sadly, it isn't likely that I'll get to. :(

Wish I could help you out at work. I'm still struggling, looking for jobs. I had an interview this past Friday. Hadn't heard anything so I called today and found out that the person who does the hiring is out of the office and won't be back until Monday. Ugh!!!

Hope all is well with your stepdad and Dru.

Looking forward to seeing Lexi's Easter outfit. I just know it's gonna be adorable!

Cole said...

Oh no! I didn't buy Meadow an Easter outfit yet! I can't wait to see Lexi's. :-) I bet she looks so cute!

That's awesome that you got to keep Henry overnight. I bet it's the highpoint of his Spring break!