Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Much of an Update

Update @ 4:36pm: So plans have changed. My poor baby brother is sick. My Mom's sister and her two little girls were keeping Lil Henry earlier this week up until yesterday. Well the youngest daughter was sick with a virus yesterday and so my Mom had to find somewhere else for Lil Henry to stay. He ended up staying with my stepdad's parents but not before he caught the virus. Now he, my aunt, and both of her daughters are sick with the virus. To prevent spreading the virus even more my Mom has asked me to stay at home. Plus, Dru doesn't need to catch a stomach virus while he is still recovering from his diverticulitis. So Lil Henry will continue to stay with his grandparents and my Mom will stay at the hospital with my stepdad. She did manage to make it back "home" today for a little while but avoided actually going to her house for fear of carrying the virus back to my stepdad. At this point, if he caught the virus, it would most certainly prove fatal with his system in its current state.

So, hubby and I will be trying to rest and relax this weekend. Hubby is feeling kind of blah (I think its due to lack of vitamins and minerals caused by no variety in his diet since he was diagnosed) so he was hoping to stay home anyway. Now I am just sad that I won't get to see my baby brother, but I'm hoping to make it up to him next weekend.

Please continue to hold us all in your prayers! This week has not been a good week for our family health-wise. I just hope that I can stay healthy!


First of all, thank you for all of the kind words and prayers you have been offering up for me and my family. I can't even begin to tell you how much it is appreciated. I don't really have much of an update for you as we really don't know any more. My stepdad finally saw the doctor around 6:00pm last night (after not seeing his nurse since 10:30am) and he didn't really offer up much information. They "think" that his intestines and stomach just haven't woke up from the anesthesia yet, but of course, they don't "know" that for certain. The procedure is normally an outpatient procedure but my stepdad was scheduled to be held overnight due to his past surgical history. My mom has already remarked how much she dislikes that doctor and I don't blame her. Other than that I'm not really sure what they are doing to help with the situation. I am assuming it is going to be a waiting game. I hope that we will get more information today.

My baby brother is staying with his grandparents tonight so I was able to come in to work. After work the plan is to drive to our hometown to stay at my Mom's house. My intentions are to keep my baby brother this weekend for my Mom so that she doesn't have to worry about him. His grandparents are quite old and not in the best of health so I'm sure they will need a break. It will be Lil Henry's choice where he wants to stay but I have a feeling he is going to want to be home more than anywhere else.

I did get news on my cousin's condition. She was admitted to the local hospital in my hometown at the beginning of the week. They finally figured out that she has food poisoning. She wasn't feeling great, as you would expect, but they allowed her to go home yesterday. She will be taking it easy, as per doctor's orders, this weekend and I'm hoping to stop by and see her.

Bentley still seems to be doing well and is improving daily. He has one very minor side effect from the meds he is on so I will be glad when he has taken it all so that his system gets totally back to normal.

Dru is having his good moments and bad moments. He is still taking both of his antibiotics and it seems that his system is slowly getting back to normal. Although we weren't given a "diet" for him to follow to help with the diverticulitis, we have realized that may be something we need to implement, at least for a short while until everything has healed. He spoke with the doctor yesterday and said everything that is going on with him is normal considering he is on two different antibiotics but if things aren't markedly improved by Monday, he may need to go in for more testing. I am hoping that he gets better before Monday. Because his job does not provide medical insurance, his medical bills tend to rack up quickly and to an amount that sometimes makes me want to hyperventilate. If you have ever had to go without medical insurance and got sick then you probably know what I am talking about!

We had Rascal, my Mom's Yorkie, last night. He was so excited to see us that he peed on my Snuggie! That is so NOT cool but the little guy was excited so I couldn't be mad at him. He has a tendency to pee and poop on the floor and not on the potty pads at my house (even though my Mom uses the same pads). He did pretty good last night and this morning though. Bentley and Lexi worked out Rascal's sleeping arrangement for him whenever he sleeps over a long time ago so that tends to go relatively smoothly except for the fact that he gets up at even the slightest movement and then proceeds to get all in my face and try to get kisses. I love puppy kisses as much as the next dog-obsessed person but NOT in the wee hours of the morning! Hopefully tonight he will be a little better, especially since we will be at his house where he is most familiar with his surroundings. I know the little guy misses my Mom so I have been cutting him some slack. I just hope he falls into the sleeping routine quickly this weekend!

Here is a picture I took of Rascal last night. The poor guy is having some skin issues so my Mom chopped all of his hair off several months ago.

And can you guess what time it was when I took this photo?

Yep, you guessed it, dinner time! My little munchkins are such piglets! And Rascal was pretty hungry too from the looks of it.

In other news, I am thinking about starting a Thursday theme for my blog. I'm going to call it Throwback Thursdays and it will be for posting old photos I've taken or old photos of me and my family, old songs, etc. I thought it would be fun to be able to post some old pictures (ones that will have to be scanned!) of me and my family. It certainly may prove to be entertaining for you! You may laugh your head off at some of them. And I have a huge fondness for old music, as in 80s music, Oldies, Blues, etc. Anything "old" or not current that I come up with I will post. Hopefully I will be able to implement my Throwback Thursdays this coming Thursday. We shall see.

And that's all I've got for today. I will try to keep updating here on my stepdad's condition. I will most likely be sending updates via Twitter so if you like, you can follow me by searching for MunchkinMommy2 or simply by clicking on the link in my upper left sidebar. You can also see my last three tweets there.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for all of your prayers and amazingly kind words.



Mango said...

Oh dear, I don't know where to begin. Oh course, we will all be sending our best wishes and healing thoughts your way. It sounds very scary.

Mango Momma

sprinkles said...

I prayed for your step-dad last night and will continue to do so until he is well. Thanks for keeping us up to date on his condition.

Sorry to hear about your cousin. I've never had food poisoning but it doesn't sound fun. I'm glad she got to come home from the hospital. I'm sure recovering from the comfort of her own home will help immensely!

Glad to hear Dru is improving. I don't have health insurance right now either. I wish I did, I would have gone to the dr. when I twisted my foot. I still have some light bruising and swelling even after all this time. My last job provided really BAD insurance! We had to pay the first $2500 before insurance would cover anything. I don't know of anyone who ever met that unless they had some serious issues where they had to go to the dr quite a bit.

Glad that Bentley is doing so much better too! I worry so much more when it's one of my pets who is sick just because they can't tell you what's wrong so you just have to watch them that much closer!

I'm happy that you can be there for your mom and help take care of her dog and your little brother. That will be a huge load off her that she won't have to worry about!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I hope everyone feels better very soon.

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

It never rains does it. Hope your little brother is feeling a bit better from his virus.
Sounds like your stepdad is getting a little better too and your cousin is now in the right place to get well.
From the looks of things, Rascal is the only one with a smile on his face, he must really love being with you and the Munchkins although you can do without middle of the night kisses, as you say.
Hope everything is back to normal with you all soon.
Throwback Thursday sounds great, I love blues music so am looking forward to that and the old photos.
Lynne xx

Cocorue said...

just read your tweet on your sidebar and keeping you and Dru and family in our prayers, Tiff

do hang in there