Friday, January 8, 2010

A Munchkin Family Christmas: Part 2

To recap, on Monday of last week I blogged about our gift exchange at home before we left for our hometown. Now, I would like to share the rest of our Christmas festivities.

I'll continue with the festivities on Wednesday night. After work on Wednesday, hubby and I headed to our hometown to have our Chinese Christmas and dinner with his Dad's side of the family. You can always count on it being an interesting night! I didn't take a lot of pictures but I will share those I did take.

The MIL's gorgeous Christmas tree.

Part of the fam waiting for the Chinese Christmas game to start.

The other side of the room.

Bentley snuggling with Daddy.

The loot. The bright green paper with the presents on it was one of the gifts we brought.

More Bentley snuggling. (I was holding Lexus so no pictures of her that night.)

Dru's cousin.

Jewels sleeping on her Daddy's lap.

The game lasted for quite a while because none of us are shy about taking the gifts that we want. It was a lot of fun like always. I ended up with an adorable condiment "tray". It is a wrought iron stand that holds three glass condiment dishes sort of in a mini pyramid shape. Super cute! Hubby got some sort of fishing tool. I guarantee you it will get a lot of use!

Christmas Eve hubby went hunting and I just took it easy with the baby bro. Christmas Eve night we went to my Papa D's family Christmas Eve dinner. It was hosted at my cousin's house and the food was YUMMY! No pictures but picture me in a boucle fluffy white cowlneck sweater, Guess jeans, my adorable Jessica Simpson snakeskin shoes from Monday's post, and some blinking "Christmas lights" earrings! I was blinking away and lighting up the room! LOL! After that, we headed back to Mom's to get some sleep since we had to wake up early Christmas morning.

Christmas morning I got up early, jumped in the shower, and proceeded to get my hair did and my clothes on before my baby brother woke up. But of course he woke up early. Luckily all that was left was my make-up. We watched Lil Henry and Dusty open their gifts one by one until they got to their "big" present. They each got new computers! Lil Henry also got a DS-i, a bunch of DS-i games, and lots of other little stuff. Dusty got a bunch of clothes from American Eagle (he loves that store), an art set (which he loved) and a bunch of other little stuff.

Henry cheesing in front of his gifts.

Dusty wouldn't let me get a picture of his face!

Opening their "big" computers!

Playing his DSi and ignoring everyone else!

This kid was so excited about his art set!

Then of course it was our turn. My mom got me a fabulous houndstooth coat (and yes, I DO already have a black & white one, but I just HAD to have the red, black, & white one), an iPhone (and yes I AM keeping my iPod Touch just in case, but I figure I'll let hubby use it!), a Vera Bradley, and some other little stuff.

Isn't is fabulous? I LOVE it!

This is so very ME!

Hubby got some hunting stuff, of course, some tools, and a nifty tool box for all his manly tools. The Munchkins got some bully sticks and Lexi got a zebra print shirt with her name on it in pink!

We had to rush from Mom's to go to Dru's Mom's house for Christmas and a little breakfast with them. We decided to open presents first. I got this awesome Christmas plate, a nifty cooler with our last name embroidered on it, an adorable reusable "shopping bag", a "B" garden flag, a "B" stamp, and some other small stuff. I don't want to bore you with a list of stuff! Pictures will follow though. SIL gave me an adorable set of PJs and some yummy smelling lotion. These are the pants and there is also a hot pink tank top to match.

Hubby got more hunting stuff, more tools, some cooking stuff (he loves to cook), and the most thoughtful gift, his soccer uniform framed. He is really excited about it and we have plans to hang it in our room on one of our lonely bare walls. He got some other stuff too but they probably fit into one of the first two categories!

We ate a little breakfast and then it was off to my Nanny S's house. We had a traditional cheese grits and barbecue before letting all the little ones open their gifts. I had my little sweetheart MB's name and my (sort of) little cousin S's name. I got them both a swarovski crystal initial necklace, clothes, and some other stuff to fill the boxes. I think they both left happy! At least I hope so. The scarf I gave S I wanted one for myself! It was super cute.

After the kids all opened it was time for my grandparents to open their gifts. They have fallen on hard financial times in the last year and weren't able to participate in the Chinese Christmas this year. So we all got them a little something. Once they opened, it was time for the Chinese Christmas. It isn't ever as interesting as the other Chinese Christmases we participate in because nobody ever takes anything, but I think we all walked away with something we liked. I got a leopard print Snuggie and a heated travel coffee mug for the car!!! Hubby got some ratcheting wrenches and he was thrilled. More tools for his toolbox! After the Chinese Christmas we had to rush over to my other Nanny's house, but we had fun while we were there. Here are some pictures for ya.

My aunt P in her Christmas sweater.

The back of my Mom's head, my aunt C, and the back of my aunt P.

Dusty, my cousin J, and the back of my sweet hubby!

My uncle D & little cousin AM.

My cousin B, my aunt C, and aunt P.

My adorable little cousin AM.

And her sister MB.

This is little P. Isn't she precious with those curls?
Eating some cheese grits and barbecue!

P and K showing some love.

Adorable AK.

Bentley and Dusty.

The kids are ready to open their gifts.

Henry and my little cousin M.

AK doesn't look very happy. I think she was looking for her Daddy.

This is my (sorta) cousin S opening her gift from me. I wanted one of those scarfs for myself!

Bentley checking out his gift from B.

Lexi chillin' with Daddy.

B opening her Ed Hardy shirt from me.

M opening her gift from me. She was excited about the lip gloss in there!

M & Bentley.

Nanny S opening up her gifts.

Showing off the bracelet I gave her.

The loot for Chinese Christmas.

So then, of course, we headed to my Nanny N's on the other side of town. I didn't get any pictures when we were opening our gifts but I will highlight some of it for you. There are pictures at the end of some of the stuff. Nanny and Papa gave me several gifts cards, to Victoria's Secret and Ann Taylor, and some cold hard cash. My Dad and Step-Mom gave me a Vera Bradley Duffle Bag and Cool Keeper, a black Northface jacket, and a Belk gift card. My aunt C and uncle M gave me some jewelry. Hubby got lots of tools, another very nice toolbox, some Carhartts, more hunting stuff, and some cash. He walked away from this Christmas totally stocked to the gills with tools!

Nanny also gave the Munchkins some travel bowls. Super cute! I did get some pictures of them at her house before we left. Here's a cute one.

After Nanny N's, it was off to Dru's grandma's house. We had to open gifts from his grandma and then eat and do Chinese Christmas. This year his grandma gave us money to go get what we wanted. I chose the ivory and black damask clutch with the green bow in the picture below.

At the Chinese Christmas I scored an adorable candle set. I already have it set up on my dining room table. It has a wrought iron base with a circular tinted glass plate, and beautiful marbled candles. After that we had to rush back to Mom's, feed the Munchkins, and then go to my step-dad's Mom's house. We ate some munchies there, opened our gifts from them, and then had a Chinese Christmas. I got the two candles in front in the picture below from the Chinese Christmas.

Then our day was finally over! It was fun but it was exhausting. We never got a chance to take any pictures of us together so we had Mom snap one when we got back that night. I look exhausted and now you know why!

Here is an overview of some of the stuff I got. And yes, there ARE two snuggies. My step-mom gave me one and I won one at Chinese Christmas!

This sweaterdress is what my step-dad's Mom gave me. Isn't is adorable?! Now I just need some tights to go with it.

And that's all folks. I know it was an unbearably long post and I apologize. I hope you at least enjoyed the pictures of my adorable cousins and my precious babies! I definitely enjoyed sharing our Christmas with you. We had so much fun just spending time with family and we feel so fortunate to be so blessed with so many amazing people in our lives.


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Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas!! Love the new look too!!


My name is PJ. said...

That's one heckuva holiday! And MIL's tree was gorgeous!!!

I don't twitter or facebook or even have a cell phone! Really.

sprinkles said...

What a busy day filled with tons of pressies!

I got a leopard print Snugglie too! And I've even used it since then.

I have an award from you. Be sure to stop by my blog to pick it up.

Olive said...

Love your Blog Tiffany!! I had not seen it yet ..looks great!!

Olive's Mom--Stephanie :)

Cole said...

Holy presents! I love the print on your new pj pants. So cute!

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

What a wonderful family Christmas, that tree is really something!
Wow, you all got masses of pressies, I love the munchkins outfits too, sooo cute.
Glad you had a fun time.