Friday, January 29, 2010

Not Much of an Update

Update @ 4:36pm: So plans have changed. My poor baby brother is sick. My Mom's sister and her two little girls were keeping Lil Henry earlier this week up until yesterday. Well the youngest daughter was sick with a virus yesterday and so my Mom had to find somewhere else for Lil Henry to stay. He ended up staying with my stepdad's parents but not before he caught the virus. Now he, my aunt, and both of her daughters are sick with the virus. To prevent spreading the virus even more my Mom has asked me to stay at home. Plus, Dru doesn't need to catch a stomach virus while he is still recovering from his diverticulitis. So Lil Henry will continue to stay with his grandparents and my Mom will stay at the hospital with my stepdad. She did manage to make it back "home" today for a little while but avoided actually going to her house for fear of carrying the virus back to my stepdad. At this point, if he caught the virus, it would most certainly prove fatal with his system in its current state.

So, hubby and I will be trying to rest and relax this weekend. Hubby is feeling kind of blah (I think its due to lack of vitamins and minerals caused by no variety in his diet since he was diagnosed) so he was hoping to stay home anyway. Now I am just sad that I won't get to see my baby brother, but I'm hoping to make it up to him next weekend.

Please continue to hold us all in your prayers! This week has not been a good week for our family health-wise. I just hope that I can stay healthy!


First of all, thank you for all of the kind words and prayers you have been offering up for me and my family. I can't even begin to tell you how much it is appreciated. I don't really have much of an update for you as we really don't know any more. My stepdad finally saw the doctor around 6:00pm last night (after not seeing his nurse since 10:30am) and he didn't really offer up much information. They "think" that his intestines and stomach just haven't woke up from the anesthesia yet, but of course, they don't "know" that for certain. The procedure is normally an outpatient procedure but my stepdad was scheduled to be held overnight due to his past surgical history. My mom has already remarked how much she dislikes that doctor and I don't blame her. Other than that I'm not really sure what they are doing to help with the situation. I am assuming it is going to be a waiting game. I hope that we will get more information today.

My baby brother is staying with his grandparents tonight so I was able to come in to work. After work the plan is to drive to our hometown to stay at my Mom's house. My intentions are to keep my baby brother this weekend for my Mom so that she doesn't have to worry about him. His grandparents are quite old and not in the best of health so I'm sure they will need a break. It will be Lil Henry's choice where he wants to stay but I have a feeling he is going to want to be home more than anywhere else.

I did get news on my cousin's condition. She was admitted to the local hospital in my hometown at the beginning of the week. They finally figured out that she has food poisoning. She wasn't feeling great, as you would expect, but they allowed her to go home yesterday. She will be taking it easy, as per doctor's orders, this weekend and I'm hoping to stop by and see her.

Bentley still seems to be doing well and is improving daily. He has one very minor side effect from the meds he is on so I will be glad when he has taken it all so that his system gets totally back to normal.

Dru is having his good moments and bad moments. He is still taking both of his antibiotics and it seems that his system is slowly getting back to normal. Although we weren't given a "diet" for him to follow to help with the diverticulitis, we have realized that may be something we need to implement, at least for a short while until everything has healed. He spoke with the doctor yesterday and said everything that is going on with him is normal considering he is on two different antibiotics but if things aren't markedly improved by Monday, he may need to go in for more testing. I am hoping that he gets better before Monday. Because his job does not provide medical insurance, his medical bills tend to rack up quickly and to an amount that sometimes makes me want to hyperventilate. If you have ever had to go without medical insurance and got sick then you probably know what I am talking about!

We had Rascal, my Mom's Yorkie, last night. He was so excited to see us that he peed on my Snuggie! That is so NOT cool but the little guy was excited so I couldn't be mad at him. He has a tendency to pee and poop on the floor and not on the potty pads at my house (even though my Mom uses the same pads). He did pretty good last night and this morning though. Bentley and Lexi worked out Rascal's sleeping arrangement for him whenever he sleeps over a long time ago so that tends to go relatively smoothly except for the fact that he gets up at even the slightest movement and then proceeds to get all in my face and try to get kisses. I love puppy kisses as much as the next dog-obsessed person but NOT in the wee hours of the morning! Hopefully tonight he will be a little better, especially since we will be at his house where he is most familiar with his surroundings. I know the little guy misses my Mom so I have been cutting him some slack. I just hope he falls into the sleeping routine quickly this weekend!

Here is a picture I took of Rascal last night. The poor guy is having some skin issues so my Mom chopped all of his hair off several months ago.

And can you guess what time it was when I took this photo?

Yep, you guessed it, dinner time! My little munchkins are such piglets! And Rascal was pretty hungry too from the looks of it.

In other news, I am thinking about starting a Thursday theme for my blog. I'm going to call it Throwback Thursdays and it will be for posting old photos I've taken or old photos of me and my family, old songs, etc. I thought it would be fun to be able to post some old pictures (ones that will have to be scanned!) of me and my family. It certainly may prove to be entertaining for you! You may laugh your head off at some of them. And I have a huge fondness for old music, as in 80s music, Oldies, Blues, etc. Anything "old" or not current that I come up with I will post. Hopefully I will be able to implement my Throwback Thursdays this coming Thursday. We shall see.

And that's all I've got for today. I will try to keep updating here on my stepdad's condition. I will most likely be sending updates via Twitter so if you like, you can follow me by searching for MunchkinMommy2 or simply by clicking on the link in my upper left sidebar. You can also see my last three tweets there.

Have a great weekend and thanks again for all of your prayers and amazingly kind words.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Need Your Prayers

Lovelies, if you feel led, would you pray for my family? My step-dad isn't doing good right now. As I told you in Monday's post, he had to have surgery on Tuesday. Over the last two years he has had multiple hospitalizations and surgeries due to his diverticulitis. Several large hernias resulted from these surgeries and this last surgery was to repair those. He had to have 15 incisions and two large sheets of mesh (about the size of two dryer sheets) put around his intestines. There were a couple of "complications" during the surgery, but the surgeon thought everything would be fine and that he could go home yesterday. He did go home but they had to have the ambulance pick him up and take him back to the hospital late last night.

I will spare you all the gory details, but the gist of it is that his stomach and intestines aren't working. They are having to pump bile out of his system. They are investigating the cause behind this issue today but as of right now that is all I know. My mom is upset although she is trying to be strong. It is definitely scary when you don't know what the immediate future holds for you and your family.

On top of all that, there are other things she has to worry about like my baby brother and her dog, Rascal. We are helping her with this but of course she is going to worry anyway.

As you can imagine this hasn't been a very good week for us. From Dru and Bentley being sick earlier in the week, to my cousin being hospitalized, and now this with my step-dad. I came in to work this morning, after talking to my mom, shaking like a leaf. I have calmed down considerably, but I am still pretty stressed out. Our family has had a tough few years between illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and death.

I know this probably seems very scattered and I apologize. My head just isn't right today with everything that is going on. I just wanted to write something quick and ask you all, if you feel led, to please pray for my family.

Thank you my lovelies. You all are wonderful.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Boys are Sick

We didn't make it to our hometown this weekend. :( I told you on Friday that hubby wasn't feeling well and decided to stay home on Friday night instead of making the trip to our hometown so he could go duck hunting and so we could attend his sister's birthday party. On Saturday he wasn't feeling any better so he decided to scrap our trip in favor of lounging at home. And lounge we did. We did not set foot outside of the house on Saturday or Sunday accept for taking the munchkins out in the backyard. I kid you not. That isn't like us but hubby wasn't feeling well and wasn't up for much at all.

He was able to stick it out all weekend but by Monday morning he was in too much pain to go to work and was intent on seeing the doctor. So I called in to work and told them I would be late and then I hauled hubby to the doctor. And we do have a diagnosis. He has diverticulitis, which is what we expected. Normally, once treated with antibiotics, the diverticulitis goes away and usually doesn't rear its ugly head again. With my step-dad this has not been the case but we are hoping the hubby is one of the "normal" cases. He still isn't feeling great today but he is feeling a little better. If the meds are doing their job he should fell much better by Thursday.

As you can probably imagine, I was up most of the night on Sunday. Hubby was in and out of bed and tossed and turned quite a bit during the night. On top of that, poor Bentley wasn't feeling well either. He kept coughing like he needed to throw up but nothing ever came up until around 2:30 that morning. It was all liquid. It was also storming pretty bad and it rained a ton. Around 2:00 we lost power and of course that woke me up. I couldn't go back to sleep for checking on Dru, checking on Bentley, and alternating between sweating and freezing until the power came back on about 6:00am.

After we got home from the doctor, Bentley still wasn't any better and was throwing up liquid again despite my having given him an antacid at 2:30 that morning. Now, if you are just joining me here at Memoirs of a Munchkin Mommy, then you may not know this. Those of you who have been following me for a while will be very familiar with what I am about to divulge. I am a nutjob when it comes to my munchkins (and by munchkins I mean my furchildren). They are my children and my world revolves around them and my hubby. They, along with Dru, are my world. I spazz out over the smallest things with them. Really. And, trust me, I'm not alone in this. There are others just like me out there, right Jenna and Nadine? :) I've had dogs, Chihuahuas namely, for long enough to know that vomiting in itself isn't anything to spazz over. If not accompanied by a change in behavior, poop, eating, drinking, or peeing, then it is probably nothing serious. But I KNOW my babies. When it comes to them my heart and my gut usually steer me right. And the fact that Bentley started coughing Sunday evening and was still coughing on Monday morning at 11:00am, I knew something wasn't right. So, I called the vet and they gave me the go ahead to bring him in. Unfortunately I didn't make it out of the house with him before he threw up liquid on my laptop keyboard. :(

Based on the physical and my answers to the standard questions on poop, eating habits, etc. the vet thought obstruction unlikely. It is much more likely that Bentley has an upper GI infection. I'm not sure where he would have gotten such an infection since they really haven't interacted with other dogs and haven't been anywhere recently other than home. I guess it is possible he picked up something off of the floor or the ground that irritated his stomach and caused the inflammation. The good news is that Bentley was acting pretty normal. I could tell he didn't feel great but he was still the goofy Bentley we know and love. The vet gave him a shot, gave us some medicine for him to take twice a day, and also told us to continue with the antacid. We reduced his portion of food last night by half and fed it to him in two separate feedings to be sure he kept it all down.

By 6:00pm, he seemed to be feeling a lot better but I could tell he had a little bit of an upset tummy last night as he was licking and swallowing, licking and swallowing over and over. I was up checking on him most of the night, and checking on hubby, so I am quite tired today. Hubby didn't feel good enough to go back to work today so he stayed home with the munchkins. He has been calling me to report on how they are all doing. Great news is that hubby is starting to feel much better! I don't like it when he is sick. He gets so pale. Bentley also seems to be feeling good so I am keeping my fingers crossed that both of my boys will be as good as new very soon! I have a sneaking suspicion that the EVO beef formula we just rotated their food to is a little rich for his tummy so I will be giving him a bland diet of boiled chicken and potatoes until he is back to 100%. And I will be switching him to just an EVO chicken formula and EVO salmon & herring formula rotation. I will have to come up with a way to make up for the lack of red meat in his diet though. I'll probably end up cooking it up for him myself. See, I told you I am a totaly spazz when it comes to my babies!

As for the computer, the up and down arrow keys have gone haywire. Everything else seems to be functioning fine though. I thought we were going to have to buy a new computer right away, but since it seems to only be the arrow keys that are affected, I think we can get by without using them for a while. Good thing too because after yesterday's tally of money spent at both doctor's visit, coupled with my doctor's visits early in the month, I don't know that a new laptop would have been in the budget! Hubby's job doesn't provide medical insurance so you can imagine how expensive his medical bills are! We are hoping he gets the job he recently applied for so he finally has medical benefits.

In other news, my stepdad is having surgery (again) today. He has had a time with his health recently and had numerous hospital stays and surgeries. He is a farmer so you can probably understand how his being sick and thus out of work isn't good. I spoke with my Mom just after lunch and they were just taking him back for surgery. Please keep him in your prayers that the surgery goes well and that he has a speedy recovery!

And just to give you a little eye candy, here are two pictures of my munchkins. They were both taken a couple of weeks ago when Bentley was feeling much better.

Aren't they precious? Okay, maybe I AM biased but who wouldn't love those sweet faces? :)

Oh and the above reasons are why my Google Reader is telling me I have nearly 900 blog posts to catch up on. I am trying to work through them slowly but surely. I apologize for my absence in commenting on your blogs my lovelies. It WILL get better!


Friday, January 22, 2010

A Change of Plans

Our plans have changed. We will not be heading to the hometown tonight. Hubby isn't feeling well. He woke up this morning in pain and went to work despite my asking him to stay home and recuperate. He ended up driving the hour to work only to turn around and drive back home. But, at least I was able to have lunch with my hubby today which is a very rare occurrence during the work week. We went to Queen Anne's Revenge on Daniel Island and it was yummy. I tend to judge restaurants by their ranch dressing (I have labeled myself as somewhat of a ranch dressing conneisseur...or maybe just a ranch dressing snob) and they had good ranch. Also, the apple cobbler a la mode was fabulous! It was too tempting not to get it and then I made myself miserable by eating too much of it. But it was sooooo worth it.

Hubby still isn't feeling well so we are cooling our heels at home tonight. I did manage to sweet talk him into a quick trip to TJ Maxx. I found some more "stuff" to aid in my effort to "dress up" our master bathroom. I did buy a couple of things but there is SO much more I want to go back and get. Maybe in a few weeks if it's still there. If not, it simply wasn't meant to be and I'll find something better. I promise to show pictures of everything when I'm done. I have already started and failed to take before pictures so you will have to just be satisfied with the after pictures. Sorry!

So this post isn't totally pointless, I will come through on a promise I made a few weeks ago. The weekend I got sick and had to go to the doctor, I accompanied hubby on a trip to the mall and took advantage of an after Chrismtas clearance sale. Hubby had to return something at Sears and the return desk was right in sight of some Christmas stuff. So I sauntered on over to check out the loot. What I found thoroughly excited me since I feel my Christmas tree was a little barer than I'd like this year. It was a huge container of ornaments in all the right colors. (Sorry for the glare and scratches on the plastic!)

There are 24 fairly large (but they would be considered medium-sized compared to my biggest ornaments) ornaments in this container. If you enlarge the first picture you'll notice that they were originally priced at $39.99. I scored them for $9.99! I'd say I got a pretty darn good deal, wouldn't you? I was quite excited with my purchase, especially combined with the after-Christmas sale purchases I made only a few weeks before.

So now that I've come through on that promise I think there is only one other thing left for me to post about and that is the award I was given weeks ago. But I am getting ready to eat a yummy slice of the cake I baked hubby for his birthday so it will have to wait for another day. Sorry!

Please keep Dru in your thoughts and prayers. We hope that what is going on with him isn't anything serious and can be managed without medical attention as his job does not provide medical insurance. Thank you my lovelies!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Week

It has been a crazy week for me at work, which is usually when I blog (shhh...) thus the reason I have been so silent. We were preparing for a tradeshow in Palm Springs earlier this week and since then have been upgrading to new office computers and all the "fun" stuff that comes along with it. It took me a day and half just to get all of my files transferred from one computer to another. Ugh. But now things are calming down a bit. Although I still have to contend with the upgrading of the computers in my lab. That will be next week sometime I'm guessing.

Now for the updates. Hubby and I celebrated his birthday on Thursday night at home. He was finishing up a resume and cover letter and I was reading my book. Then, afterward, there were lots of snuggles together and with the munchkins. It was a nice relaxing evening. It was not easy getting up for work the next morning.

Saturday we did some shopping. I have decided to start "dressing up" our house a little...well as much as I can without being able to paint. The plan is to work on the bathroom and master bedroom first and then hopefully the rest will follow.

It was restaurant week here in Charleston last week. We decided to take advantage of that for hubby's birthday. We weren't able to get a reservation for Saturday evening but we did get one for Sunday. We decided on Slightly North of Broad for hubby's birthday dinner. And boy was it ever yummy! I had a caramalized pear salad with dried cranberries, pistachios, and a honey glazed vinaigrette as an appetizer, a SC farm-raised roasted chicken with stone-ground grits and green beans for my entree, and a chocolate brownie with caramel ice cream and caramel drizzle for dessert. Hubby had a duck confit risotto for his app, pan-seared swordfish with a spring mix fruit salad for his entree, and a cornbread pudding cake with vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. Are you hungry yet???? It was fantastic. I also decided to partake in a delicious Charleston Cocktail and it was fabulous. We are such foodies that you really can't get much better than that!
As far as my health goes I am feeling much better. I had to go back to the doctor on Wednesday and had a horrific experience thus confirming my belief about doctors in emergency facilities (not counting the ER). But I have since gotten everything straightened out and there is no more sign of infection. I will be scheduling an appointment with a GP I was referred to by a friend next month for a sort of follow-up and also to address the severe migraines that plague me and which prescription medicine does not alleviate.

This weekend we are headed back to our hometown, yet again. But it is for a good reason. My SIL's birthday party is this weekend in our hometown and of course we can't miss that! I WILL be taking along the fixings of a Tickled Pink. Also, hubby wants to go duck hunting since next weekend is the last weekend. Of course its all about hunting for him. He was just waiting for an excuse to go to the HT for the weekend. It will be nice to see our families though since it has been a few weeks. And my baby brother has already called me several times to find out when I'm coming to see him. I do miss him terribly when I don't see him. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures of our weekend in the HT to share with you all.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep, today is Dru's 27th birthday. They grow up so fast don't they? LOL. Tonight our plans are to just take it easy and have a nice quiet evening together at home. I am planning on baking him a cake but I wanted to let him decide which kind he wants (I'll try to remember to take pictures). We are going to save the celebrating for this weekend when we actually have some time to celebrate. We'll probably do so by going out to dinner together, just the two of us, and maybe catch a movie. We'll see. It's all up to him.

To my amazingly wonderful, incredibly attentive, and and absolutely adoring husband: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY. You have been the best boyfriend, husband, friend, companion, confidant, shoulder to cry on, and Munchkin daddy a woman could ask for. I am so glad that I get to call you mine. I hope this year of your life proves to be the best yet, with me by your side. You've had my heart for over eleven years and you will have it for many many more. You are my soulmate. I love you with everything that I am. And as always, I love you more.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I spent part of my Sunday in the doctor's office. :( Lots of fun! Yeah right. Long story short I have an infection that is causing me a tremendous amount of pain in my right side. I am at work but I am terribly uncomfortable with a swollen stomach that looks as if I am about 4 months pregnant (I assure you I AM NOT). I am not sure that I will make it through this work day today as I barely made it through yesterday. Once I am feeling better I promise to tell you all about the after-Christmas sale goodies I scored on Saturday.


Friday, January 8, 2010

A Munchkin Family Christmas: Part 2

To recap, on Monday of last week I blogged about our gift exchange at home before we left for our hometown. Now, I would like to share the rest of our Christmas festivities.

I'll continue with the festivities on Wednesday night. After work on Wednesday, hubby and I headed to our hometown to have our Chinese Christmas and dinner with his Dad's side of the family. You can always count on it being an interesting night! I didn't take a lot of pictures but I will share those I did take.

The MIL's gorgeous Christmas tree.

Part of the fam waiting for the Chinese Christmas game to start.

The other side of the room.

Bentley snuggling with Daddy.

The loot. The bright green paper with the presents on it was one of the gifts we brought.

More Bentley snuggling. (I was holding Lexus so no pictures of her that night.)

Dru's cousin.

Jewels sleeping on her Daddy's lap.

The game lasted for quite a while because none of us are shy about taking the gifts that we want. It was a lot of fun like always. I ended up with an adorable condiment "tray". It is a wrought iron stand that holds three glass condiment dishes sort of in a mini pyramid shape. Super cute! Hubby got some sort of fishing tool. I guarantee you it will get a lot of use!

Christmas Eve hubby went hunting and I just took it easy with the baby bro. Christmas Eve night we went to my Papa D's family Christmas Eve dinner. It was hosted at my cousin's house and the food was YUMMY! No pictures but picture me in a boucle fluffy white cowlneck sweater, Guess jeans, my adorable Jessica Simpson snakeskin shoes from Monday's post, and some blinking "Christmas lights" earrings! I was blinking away and lighting up the room! LOL! After that, we headed back to Mom's to get some sleep since we had to wake up early Christmas morning.

Christmas morning I got up early, jumped in the shower, and proceeded to get my hair did and my clothes on before my baby brother woke up. But of course he woke up early. Luckily all that was left was my make-up. We watched Lil Henry and Dusty open their gifts one by one until they got to their "big" present. They each got new computers! Lil Henry also got a DS-i, a bunch of DS-i games, and lots of other little stuff. Dusty got a bunch of clothes from American Eagle (he loves that store), an art set (which he loved) and a bunch of other little stuff.

Henry cheesing in front of his gifts.

Dusty wouldn't let me get a picture of his face!

Opening their "big" computers!

Playing his DSi and ignoring everyone else!

This kid was so excited about his art set!

Then of course it was our turn. My mom got me a fabulous houndstooth coat (and yes, I DO already have a black & white one, but I just HAD to have the red, black, & white one), an iPhone (and yes I AM keeping my iPod Touch just in case, but I figure I'll let hubby use it!), a Vera Bradley, and some other little stuff.

Isn't is fabulous? I LOVE it!

This is so very ME!

Hubby got some hunting stuff, of course, some tools, and a nifty tool box for all his manly tools. The Munchkins got some bully sticks and Lexi got a zebra print shirt with her name on it in pink!

We had to rush from Mom's to go to Dru's Mom's house for Christmas and a little breakfast with them. We decided to open presents first. I got this awesome Christmas plate, a nifty cooler with our last name embroidered on it, an adorable reusable "shopping bag", a "B" garden flag, a "B" stamp, and some other small stuff. I don't want to bore you with a list of stuff! Pictures will follow though. SIL gave me an adorable set of PJs and some yummy smelling lotion. These are the pants and there is also a hot pink tank top to match.

Hubby got more hunting stuff, more tools, some cooking stuff (he loves to cook), and the most thoughtful gift, his soccer uniform framed. He is really excited about it and we have plans to hang it in our room on one of our lonely bare walls. He got some other stuff too but they probably fit into one of the first two categories!

We ate a little breakfast and then it was off to my Nanny S's house. We had a traditional cheese grits and barbecue before letting all the little ones open their gifts. I had my little sweetheart MB's name and my (sort of) little cousin S's name. I got them both a swarovski crystal initial necklace, clothes, and some other stuff to fill the boxes. I think they both left happy! At least I hope so. The scarf I gave S I wanted one for myself! It was super cute.

After the kids all opened it was time for my grandparents to open their gifts. They have fallen on hard financial times in the last year and weren't able to participate in the Chinese Christmas this year. So we all got them a little something. Once they opened, it was time for the Chinese Christmas. It isn't ever as interesting as the other Chinese Christmases we participate in because nobody ever takes anything, but I think we all walked away with something we liked. I got a leopard print Snuggie and a heated travel coffee mug for the car!!! Hubby got some ratcheting wrenches and he was thrilled. More tools for his toolbox! After the Chinese Christmas we had to rush over to my other Nanny's house, but we had fun while we were there. Here are some pictures for ya.

My aunt P in her Christmas sweater.

The back of my Mom's head, my aunt C, and the back of my aunt P.

Dusty, my cousin J, and the back of my sweet hubby!

My uncle D & little cousin AM.

My cousin B, my aunt C, and aunt P.

My adorable little cousin AM.

And her sister MB.

This is little P. Isn't she precious with those curls?
Eating some cheese grits and barbecue!

P and K showing some love.

Adorable AK.

Bentley and Dusty.

The kids are ready to open their gifts.

Henry and my little cousin M.

AK doesn't look very happy. I think she was looking for her Daddy.

This is my (sorta) cousin S opening her gift from me. I wanted one of those scarfs for myself!

Bentley checking out his gift from B.

Lexi chillin' with Daddy.

B opening her Ed Hardy shirt from me.

M opening her gift from me. She was excited about the lip gloss in there!

M & Bentley.

Nanny S opening up her gifts.

Showing off the bracelet I gave her.

The loot for Chinese Christmas.

So then, of course, we headed to my Nanny N's on the other side of town. I didn't get any pictures when we were opening our gifts but I will highlight some of it for you. There are pictures at the end of some of the stuff. Nanny and Papa gave me several gifts cards, to Victoria's Secret and Ann Taylor, and some cold hard cash. My Dad and Step-Mom gave me a Vera Bradley Duffle Bag and Cool Keeper, a black Northface jacket, and a Belk gift card. My aunt C and uncle M gave me some jewelry. Hubby got lots of tools, another very nice toolbox, some Carhartts, more hunting stuff, and some cash. He walked away from this Christmas totally stocked to the gills with tools!

Nanny also gave the Munchkins some travel bowls. Super cute! I did get some pictures of them at her house before we left. Here's a cute one.

After Nanny N's, it was off to Dru's grandma's house. We had to open gifts from his grandma and then eat and do Chinese Christmas. This year his grandma gave us money to go get what we wanted. I chose the ivory and black damask clutch with the green bow in the picture below.

At the Chinese Christmas I scored an adorable candle set. I already have it set up on my dining room table. It has a wrought iron base with a circular tinted glass plate, and beautiful marbled candles. After that we had to rush back to Mom's, feed the Munchkins, and then go to my step-dad's Mom's house. We ate some munchies there, opened our gifts from them, and then had a Chinese Christmas. I got the two candles in front in the picture below from the Chinese Christmas.

Then our day was finally over! It was fun but it was exhausting. We never got a chance to take any pictures of us together so we had Mom snap one when we got back that night. I look exhausted and now you know why!

Here is an overview of some of the stuff I got. And yes, there ARE two snuggies. My step-mom gave me one and I won one at Chinese Christmas!

This sweaterdress is what my step-dad's Mom gave me. Isn't is adorable?! Now I just need some tights to go with it.

And that's all folks. I know it was an unbearably long post and I apologize. I hope you at least enjoyed the pictures of my adorable cousins and my precious babies! I definitely enjoyed sharing our Christmas with you. We had so much fun just spending time with family and we feel so fortunate to be so blessed with so many amazing people in our lives.


Just as a side note: I don't know if you noticed but I added a button to follow me on Twitter. If you are interested in reading some of the random things I come up with during the day then feel free to click on the link to follow me. If not that's cool too. I don't blame you! LOL.