Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, Family Reunion, and Game Day

My 4-day weekend started early last week! Woo hoo! The boss let us all leave at 3:30pm on Wednesday to get a jump-start on our holiday. This is something that NEVER happens so, of course, we were all very shocked. It was nice to get to go home early but we didn't get a jump-start on our holiday because I still had to wait for hubby to get home from work. So I used the extra time to finish loading up our stuff in the car and to charge my new camera, which was waiting on me when I pulled in the driveway!

At this point I want to totally go off-topic to say that my husband is THE worst over-packer I have ever met. I thought I was bad. Oh no...he is soooo much worse. Normally when we visit our families for the weekend we pack a duffel bag that holds both of our clothes, our bath stuff, my hair dryer, and flat iron. The only other things we take are the Munchkins' duffel bag (yes, they have their own duffel bag), the computer, and our pillows (we are pillow snobs). This makes for relatively easy loading and unloading. But this weekend I was so very grateful for the Pilot because all that sh*t would never have fit in the Civic. Hubby was barely able to fit all of his clothes on his side of the VERY large suitcase he insisted we take. And let's not forget about the green plastic tote full of his hunting clothes, his rifle, his waders, and Lord knows what else. But ya know what? It's okay because I love him and I love this about him. I love that I can say that my husband packs more than I do!

Our drive was uneventful. We had to make a pit-stop by hubby's parents house for him to get some extra hunting stuff and to set up a time with his Dad to meet before the crack of dawn. The MIL was sick, Beemer was very excited, and Bentley peed on his car harness. The joys of little boy dogs! When we arrived at my Mom's house, I took the opportunity to play around with my camera and read through the manual. It was sort of like riding a bike. My Canon Rebel 35mm camera is very similar to the Canon Rebel DSLR so once I familiarized myself with where all the buttons were and waht they did, I was pretty much all set to start snapping away. Now I just need to start playing with different lighting and figure out the settings I like best for each situation, but I was able to get some nice pictures without having a chance to do all that.

Here are a couple pictures I snapped of my Munchkins on Wednesday night as I was playing around with my camera.

Thursday morning I had to bake another pumpkin crisp to take to my Nanny N's house. Hubby helped out once he returned from duck hunting and we were able to get it all done, get dressed, and make it to my Nanny's one time.

Bentley in the car seat on the way to Nanny's house.

Lexi in the car seat on the way to Nanny's house.

This is the view from Nanny's porch.

Here's another angle.

Nanny & my aunt C in the kitchen.

Nanny's tree (it wasn't quite finished yet).

The view of the front yard. My Papa went a little Christmas crazy. All of this was up before Halloween!

Me, hubby, and the Munchkins. I'm thinking of using this photo for our Christmas cards. What do you think?

As you can see I didn't take very many photos as Nanny's house. Most of them were just different angles of all the Christmas stuff and shots of the Munchkins playing. I was busy enjoying the food and the company so I didn't think to take very many pictures.

After Nanny's house, it was on to my MIL's family Thanksgiving. It is a tradition that every year the whole clan gets together and eat barbecue (to those you not from the South this translates into pulled pork), and other yummy goodness, and see family and extended family from all over all together in one spot at one time. It was nice seeing everyone again since most of them we haven't seen in a year. But again I didn't take very many photos. It was held outside like every year and by the time we got there there wasn't enough lighting for photos. Sorry! So just imagine well over 100 people milling about a large yard, around the barbecue pit, eating and socializing!

Friday I left the munchkins with my Mom and had lunch with a friend who I haven't seen in 6 months. She was in town for the Thanksgiving holiday so we took the opportunity to have lunch and catch up. And I got to see her little girl who is getting so big! After that I got the munchkins and met up with hubby to go sit in the woods and watch for deer. We saw no deer but we did see an owl and he was HUGE! I got a picture with my zoom lens and maybe I'll share it in a future post.

Saturday was the family reunion with the FIL's side of the family AND it was also game day. If you are from South Carolina or you have ever lived in South Carolina, then you have experience the hysteria that is the USC/Clemson rivalry. (That is University of South Carolina for those of you who are wondering.) It can get pretty heated that's for sure. Families always seem to be split by this rivalry and on game day it is every man for himself. My FIL's family is no different. Half are Clemson fans and half are Carolina fans. Since the family reunion is held at the family farm outside, a shed was built to eat under and watch the game under.

This is my MIL.

And so is this! She would do this every time USC scored a touchdown or a field goal. Her underwear also had GO! written in red but she might kill me if she found out I put her butt & underwear on the internet for the world to see!
This is the Gamecock the MIL had made a few years ago. And yes that is a tiger tail in his mouth.

Need a closer look? I'm happy to oblige.

The two newest additions to the family. This is Kimberly, who just married Dru's cousin in September...and that little ball of white fur is their new puppy Lulu.

Getting ready for the sack race.

And now its time for the 3-legged race!

Isn't he a cutie?

Now on to the pie eating contest!

My adorable husband setting up for the kids' turkey shoot.

Lulu the Malti-Poo

Around the fire.
Kids' turkey shoot.

After the turkey shoot, it was getting too dark to take pictures. But there were lots more pictures to be taken had there been good lighting. There was a massive cornhole tournament, which of course hubby and my BIL won AGAIN this year. It took 7 hours to finish the tournament but I guess it was worth it. I bundled up the munchkins and stayed by the fire until I could stand it no longer and went inside. I was absolutely miserable with a cold. I got it on Friday afternoon and was totally sick by Saturday morning. But I stuck it out for hubby. To be honest I was SO glad to go back to my Mom's and get in bed!

Sunday hubby went to help everyone at the farm clean up and pack up while I stayed behind to sleep and rest. Then we went to hubby's grandma's house for Sunday dinner. I wasn't able to stay long because I was so sick and exhausted I was just ready to come home and get in the bed, but it was nice to have dinner with everyone.

And today I am still sick. Something is going around but it seems that everyone else has only had it for about 24 hours. I have had it since Friday afternoon and still counting. I do hope it disappears before the weekend so I can actually enjoy it!



Honeygo Beasley said...

Great photo for your Christmas card, Tiffany! LOL about hubby's packing skills. You've got years to get it down pat. Lovely Nanny's house view and interesting cock! How nice y'all had the pie-eating contest and sack race. What a great time. Thanks for sharing! The Munchkins look like they were having a good time too and are oh, so cute.

Cole said...

Your Thanksgiving looks and sounds fantastic!

I love that picture of you all; you should definitely use it for your Christmas card!

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Sounds like you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! The game day sounds AWESOME and the pictures with the new camera are fabulous. I really like both the pictures of your and Dru.

Hope you feel better soon! I know that you'll get LOTS of tlc from Bentley and Lexus.


Jenna said...

The Sack race looked so much fun!! Great photos! I like the backporch view..it's beautiful!

Isn't the camera so much fun!! I think that photo of you guys together would make a GREAT Christmas card!!

sprinkles said...

OMG, I love your Nanny N's house. So beautiful, inside and out. Do you think she might want to trade me? I wanna keep my own mortgage payment though cuz I have a feeling if hers isn't paid off that it's is much higher than mine. If it is paid off, then I wanna trade payments so she can pay mine and I wont' pay anything. So please run that by her and let me know what she thinks. I have no doubt Nanny will 100% agree! LOL

Wonderful picture of you, Dru and the munchkins for the Christmas cards.

I'm an overpacker too. I just don't want to worry about leaving something behind and then needing it on my trip.

All those games look like so much fun! I wish I had a close family who did stuff like that when we got together.

Hope you're feeling better. Colds are the worst, they can stick around forever!!!