Monday, December 28, 2009

A Munchkin Family Christmas: Part 1

I can't even begin to tell you how exhausted I am after our long holiday weekend. Our Christmas started on Wednesday morning and lasted through late Friday night. I spent most of Saturday morning in my PJs watching Christmas movies while hubby was out duck hunting. Then, instead of going to see what I could find for the after-Christmas sales, I hung around Mom's house and watched more Christmas movies! Lovelies, I was tired! I got to hang out with my baby bro though, so it was all worth it.

I did take a good bit of pictures over the holiday weekend so I figured I would split it up into multiple posts. So today I will share our Christmas at home with you. We exchanged on Wednesday morning, which was our last day at home before traveling that night, after work, to our hometown to start the festivities.
I don't want to bore with you millions of pictures of us opening every single present we got each other so I'll just share a few, m'kay?
Hubby loves his cast iron skillets!

Isn't this paper just adorable? It says "Merry Christmas Darlin'."

Yes, I do realize that the nearly everyone on the planet already has a Wii, but there's a story behind this. Our first Christmas as a married couple I was planning on buying hubby a Wii. When my MIL found out she informed me that she was already getting him a Wii, so I told her I'd figure out something else. Well, that was three Christmases ago and the Wii has yet to turn up. So, this Christmas I decided it was high time my baby got his Wii!

As you can see he was ecstatic.

I wanted to show you this to show you just how cute the paper was!

My kick-ass shoes!

Here's a closer look.

I freaked over this one! I LOVE it! A total surprise.

Here's a better look for you lovelies!

The Munchkins had a good Christmas too. Since they nearly have more clothes than I do, they have a million toys, and plenty of treats, I had to do some hard thinking to figure out their Christmas presents. When I saw this bed in Hairy Winston, I fell in love. Isn't is gorgeous?? Can I sleep in it????

The Munchkins checking it out.

I got them some new custom harnesses from Park Avenue Dogs. Aren't they beautiful?

Isn't he devastatingly handsome?

My lovely little girl.

All in all, I think we all came away happy. I was over the moon with my shoes and my ring. I loved ALL of my gifts from hubby but the shoes and the ring totally made my month!

There are more pictures to come!!!



Cole said...

You got some great gifts, girlie! That ring is utter fabulous and the shoes are adorable.

Amy said...

what a nice Christmas. Love the ring..

Go East Memphis Mama said...

LURV that ring!

Jenna said...

1. I LOVE those shoes!!!
2. I'm so totally jealous that your husband bought you that super beautiful ring!! I wish mine had that kind of taste!!
3. Where did you find that wrapping paper? it's precious!
4. You're puppies are so precious!
Looks like you had a Wonderful Christmas

sprinkles said...

That ring is GORGEOUS!!!

I love high heels, I just wish I knew how to walk in them. First of all, I've never found a comfortable pair and secondly, I basically stomp around in them in a very unladylike manner. I do have a pair of ankle boots that I can walk in but only for a short time as they're not exactly comfy. I can walk in some wedges but not all.

My mom is sooooooooo not the girly-girl I am so I had to teach myself all about hair, makeup, etc. But I haven't learned about heels yet. Someday I'm gonna master it, it's one of my life goals decided just now!

I don't have a Wii. They do look fun though. Dru looks pretty thrilled!

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to the next installment.