Thursday, December 10, 2009

MIL Update

I spoke with hubby on my way home from work and he delivered the good news that my MIL is being discharged from the hospital! I guess before I tell you what the prognosis, or non-prognosis, was I should give you some background info that I didn't share yesterday.

Less than a year ago my MIL, who just turned 50 last week, suffered a heart attack. She was lucky though, they caught it early and were able to perform emergency surgery immediately to put a stint in. She has been on the necessary medication and everything has been going well up until this week.

Like I mentioned yesterday she was in the hospital since the beginning of this week. She was taken to the hospital by my SIL, BIL, & FIL because she was feeling light-headed and kind of yucky. When they took her blood pressure it was very high so they decided it would be best to take her to the ER. Her blood pressure was a lot lower at the ER and all other initial tests came back fine. They admitted her for observation overnight.

The next morning hubby went by on his way to work. (Remember they live in another city. Since hubby commutes there for work every day he is able to stop by on his way to and from work.) His mom delivered the news that the doctors had mentioned possibly doing surgery to install a pacemaker. This was shocking news to say the least because she just turned 50 only a few weeks ago.

They wanted to do the surgery tomorrow. They performed a stress test this morning and everything came back okay with that. Other than checking her BP every 4 hours they weren't really doing much. Hubby and I were never given the chance to speak with the doctor and I believe my MIL only saw him once herself. You see the town they live in is a very small one and the hospital is even smaller. We haven't been impressed with them and continue to still not be. We would much rather have had her moved to one of the many hospitals here in Charleston. The medical university would have been my choice but we have a few other great hospitals within arms reach as well.

We were afraid the whole time that they were jumping the gun on this surgery and not exploring all options and I wasn't so sure that the doctors were given all the pertinent information by my MIL. We weren't ever given any information that would indicate the need for a pacemaker. And as someone with aspirations of being a cardiologist, I wanted to make sure that the surgeons weren't just anxious to cut.

So it turns out that they were mis-treating her. Someone goofed somewhere. (Have I mentioned how incompetent this hospital is? The doctors most especially, but the nurses are pretty great there.) Despite the fact that the doctor that was treating her is a colleague of the doctor who performed her heart surgery, they had no idea that she had had a heart attack earlier this year. That should have been a red flag on her chart but evidently someone didn't feel it was important information. So, anyway, they told her to stop taking her blood pressure medication and see if it levels out. She goes back to her doctor for a follow-up within the next couple of weeks.

Needless to say my husband told his mother that she is not to be taken back to that hospital. He has been very frustrated with this whole experience and if you know my husband then you know he is a very laid-back, low-key kind of guy. He never raises his voice and he did several times this week over this whole thing (not at anyone, just talking about it). He doesn't often get vocal about things but when it comes to his family and their medical treatment, etc. he is starting to get very vocal about it. Actually I applaud him for it.

So yeah, that is where we are right now. I am hoping that going off her BP meds will help her BP to level out and stop bottoming out like it was. If anything new develops I will let you lovely ladies know. Thank you so very much for keeping my MIL and our family in your prayers. We appreciate all the support we have felt from the blogosphere.



Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Good thing all of 'you' trusted your feelings on this one -

Thanks for the update!

We'll be continuing to think of her -

Amy said...

oh I am sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well. Hugs..

Cole said...

YIKES!! She needs to be in the biggest hospital in the area...

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

She definitely needs more medical opinions by specialists!!

Glad to hear that she's doing well though.

Nadine said...

Tiffany, I'm glad to hear that, despite the goof ups and what not, that your MIL is feeling lots better and is back at home!

Go East Memphis Mama said...

That is scary! Glad to hear she is better and on the right track with her treatment.

sprinkles said...

Scary! My local hospital isn't anything to rave about either. My mom had apendicitis which they correctly diagnosed but they said she wouldn't need surgery, however, they had my dad drive her to another ER another town over. They wouldn't use one of their ambulances because they might need it for someone else. Um yeah, it's not like they only have one ambulance for the whole town! I'm still not sure why they sent my mom to the other hospital. (I wasn't with her when she went and no one has been able to give me a valid reason for sending her to another hospital.) The other ER immediately admitted my mom and performed an emergency surgery. Her appendix had burst and they said she'd have been dead in 24 hours if it hadn't been removed. Don't know why they couldn't have figured that out at the local hospital and given her surgery there! I'm glad she went elsewhere as I'm sure she got much better care there.

Anyways, I told you this story to say that I can relate. I hope that you MIL continues to do well and that her follow up with her regular doctor finds nothing serious. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

Dory and the Mama said...

WOW...definitely time to get her to a more established hospital!! Glad to hear that they didn't do any unnecessary surgery!