Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Decking the Halls

So I thought I would share our Christmas tree with you lovely ladies. I am so very much in love with our color scheme of red, kelly green, and gold. And I am totally head over heels for our ornaments! I love them. Now I just need lots more like them to fill up the tree since it looks a little bare. I'm hoping to hit up some after-Christmas sales on ornaments and lights.

Here is a shot of the tree with the flash on.

And with this picture you can get more of an idea of what we see.

I know I posted a picture of this ornament yesterday but I love it so much that I just had to share again!

This ornament was difficult for me to hang. It is Tiny's ornament and brought back so much pain from his loss. But my sweet munchkins were there to cheer me right back up.

Last year for Christmas my step-mom gave Bentley and Lexus their own ornaments. I think because we call her Lexi more often than we call her Lexus (only when she's in trouble), she forgot that her name is actually Lexus and not Lexi!

If you look back at the overall photo of the tree, you can tell just how large these ornaments are. I LOVE them!

These are much smaller but still oh-so-cute!

Here is a close-up of the top of the tree. Yes I do know that my bow needs adjusting.

And even though I've posted this already too, I can't help but sharing again. Isn't is awesome? MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL!

And here is a picture of our wreath. It is very simple but I am contemplating adding to it in the future. We shall shee.

I have a lot more decorations to purchase or make! But I will do it slowly so as not to hurt the wallet too terribly much. I am still waiting on our stockings to come in but once they do I will share those as well. If I get a chance to add to our decorations this year I will be certain to share them with you lovely ladies.

Oh and one last thing I'd like to share. Our Christmas cards! I kept forgetting to upload and post them for you all to see. We used the photo that my aunt took of us with my new camera at Thanksgiving. I think they turned out well. I apologize that the photo looks so dark. I couldn't get it to scan properly. Every scan made the photo look a lot darker than it really is!

They have been done since this time last week but I am such a slacker that I still haven't mailed them out yet!

In other, less jolly news, we received a phone call last night that my SIL & BIL were taking my MIL to the hospital. Since we do live in another city they told us not to come and that they would update us. They decided to keep my MIL overnight for observation. We aren't entirely sure what is going on but I will say that she had a heart attack (at the age of 49) last year. They put a stint in the blocked artery and things have been going well. Right now we aren't sure what is causing her to be sick but we intend on speaking with the doctors ourselves to find out.

I do not want to divulge any information right now since we really aren't sure of the prognosis. Some courses of action have been mentioned but right now my husband and I don't know enough to elaborate. So please keep my MIL in your prayers that what she is going through is minor and she can be released from the hospital soon. I will update you when I am clear on all of the details. Thank you.



Jenna said...

Your Tree is beautiful! I LOVE the tree topper!!

Hope everything is ok with your MIL. I'll keep her in my prayers!!

sprinkles said...

Beautiful tree!

Heather said...

Your tree & all the decorations are GORGEOUS!! Almost makes me want to (finally) dig out our Christmas stuff. LOL I hope all is well with your MIL - we'll keep her in our thoughts!

Nadine said...

Tiffany, your tree came out so pretty!! When I used to put up a tree, the theme was white and gold, I miss those days :(

I hope your MIL is okay and that it's just a minor issue. I will keep her in my prayers.

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Your decorations are beautiful, and I love your card too! Hope all turns out well with your MIL. Ya'll will be in my prayers.


Dory and the Mama said...

Awesome pictures Tiffany!!

Keeping your MIL in our prayers!

Beth in Austin

Sharon said...

Yipee for the holidays!! I have a "Merry Christmas y'all" ornament, too :)

<3 Sharon