Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Shopping & Photo with Santa

If you will remember in Friday's post I established a list of my goals for the weekend. Well I am happy to report that most of those were achieved!

We DID finish all of our Christmas shopping. WOO HOO! And we got everything wrapped aside from the ordered gifts that will arrive this week or next. We were able to get our Christmas tree decorated and put up what other decorations we have so far.

We were able to get the Munchkins' photo taken with Santa. We even had Rascal's photo taken with Santa too for my Mom. (I forgot to scan the photo last night so I will have to wait for my Mom to scan it and send it to me.)

While I didn't watch a ton of Christmas movies on ABCFamiy (because they were mostly showing Harry Potter movies instead of the Christmas movies I love so much), we did get a few in there!

I DID bake something but it wasn't very Christmas-y. That is on the agenda for next weekend though! I baked the Raspberry Cream Cheese muffins that Brown Girl blogged about and that she got from here. They were very tasty! But the raspberries we used were HUGE so they are mostly baked raspberries with a little bit of muffin. But that's okay because they are yummy. I am excited to make them again and mix it up just a little.

We did get the house straight for the most part. It's not easy keeping it straight with three dogs running around dragging out toys, etc.

We did do a little shopping for Christmas decorations. While shopping for an ornament for the Ornament Exchange party at my friend's house on Saturday night I picked up an adorable and oh-so-Southern ornament for myself, along with a cute sign that I decided to put on the mantle.

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

And I also was able to catch up on sleep. Granted I never slept passed 8 but that is totally sleeping in for me.

The only thing I wasn't successful at completing was getting my Google Reader cleared out. But I AM making progress. We ended up shopping ALL day on Saturday and then as soon as we were done I had to go to the Ornament Exchange. So not much time was spent on the computer this weekend. But I got a lot of other things accomplished so it's all good.

The ornament exchange was so much fun. The ornament I brought was a big hit. I liked it so much I bought one for myself. I ended up with an adorable tin Santa Claus with polka dots on him! Isn't he adorable! And he matches my tree!

And I just want to say how fortunate I am to have a husband who loves to shop! He shopped with me all weekend and was very helpful. We almost always do our shopping together and it's nice to spend that time with each other. And he was such a sweetheart to get all of the Christmas decorations out for me while I was gone to the Ornament Exchange. They were all there in their little tubs waiting for me by the tree when I got home. We spent Sunday morning trimming the tree together. It was fun. But I came to realize once again that we are in desperate need of more lights for the tree, more ornaments, and more decorations for the house. But I am going to try and hold out and hit up the after-Christmas sales on all the Christmas decorations. We can live with what little we have for decoration this year but I want to be stocked and ready for next Christmas!



Go East Memphis Mama said...

SO cute of the pups with Santa!!!

Jenna said...

Oh I love the photo of Santa and the puppies!! Do you do stockings for them too?? I totally bought my Dogs some christmas treats to go in their stockings.

Amy said...

I love the card..

Cole said...

Great picture of the munchkins with Santa!

And I LOVE the "Merry Christmas Y'All" sign and ornament!

Cary Dale Taylor said...

Such a cute picture of the Munchkins with Santa.

sprinkles said...

Boy, you sure did have a busy weekend! Mine was somewhat busy but nothing compared to yours!

Those Raspberry Cream Cheese muffins sound super tasty. Did you save me some?

Glad you got the majority of the stuff on your list done. It feels really good to accomplish stuff, especially when you've got a big list!

sprinkles said...

Oh, and the Munchkins look adorable in that picture with Santa!

DSS said...

LOVE the munchkin's pic with Santa :)

AND...the ornament and sign are precious!!

Dory and the Mama said...

You rock Tiffany!! It seems the more I cross off my list the more items seem to appear!