Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween with the Munchkins

Okay, so the hiatus is over. I am back. I am still dealing with some sad memories but I am very good at pushing thoughts out of my head and avoiding them. Yes, I know, not exactly coping but hey, it works for me. I really appreciate everyone's kind words. They meant so much to me. To those of you who shared a little bit of your loss with me, thank you. You all are so very wonderful and I appreciate each and every one of you so very much.

So, I know this is SOOOOO late but I wanted to tell you all about our Halloween. We decided to spend Halloween at home instead of traveling to our hometown to visit our families and crash some Halloween parties. We are more the stay-at-home-and-watch-movies-together sort of people rather than the go-out-and-party-all-night-long people. Our favorite doggie boutique was hosting a Howl-o-ween costume contest so we decided to let the munchkins participate in that.

Before I go on, I just want to say how great the ladies at Hairy Winston are. They were kind enough to get a stool for me and my bum ankle to sit on while we waited for the contest to start. Afterward, Jennie was even sweet enough to get me some water because I was sweating like a pig. It's definitely not easy hobbling around with a bum ankle and one crutch.

When we got to Hairy Winston we ran into our friends Melissa and William and their Chihuahua, Rigby. Rigby is a teensy little guy weighing in at 2.5 lbs. My two munchkins look like giants compared to him weighing in at 5lbs 4oz (Bentley) and 5lbs 7oz (Lexus)! Rigby was dressed in the cutest little skunk outfit!

We hung around there talking with Melissa and William until it was time for the contest. Here are a few pictures we snapped of us with the Munchkins. Notice my single crutch in the background. It's an accessory every woman should have! Okay....maybe not.

When it was finally time for the costume contest we had to make our way down to where the stage was set up. A HOT fall day, a bum ankle, a crutch, and two munchkins does not make for an easy trek across the shopping center parking lot. By the time we reached the stage, which wasn't really all that far away, I was all sweaty and yucky.

There were tons of dogs around all dolled up in their costumes. It was so cool to see all of them and their owners. Some of them were even dressed matching or as themes. There were a couple of Minnie Mouse owners and matching doggies, and there was a couple dressed as Wilma and Fred Flinstone with their dog dressed as Dino. TOO STINKIN' CUTE! Here are a few pictures of some of the doggies we saw.

This is Sophie. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her brother is "Hairy" Winston. They are the boutique's owners dogs.

This is Tini and her name definitely fits. She and Rigby got along fantastically because they are they same size (2.5lbs). I think they might become an item!

I introduced Bentley to Tini and Tini's Mom. Tini wasn't too sure of Bentley but her Mom said that was because she pet him first before Tini was able to sniff him out.

This dog was dressed as Elvis. He won best overall costume.

Here is a shot of Rigby with his skunk hat on.

Are these two adorable or what??

This dog was so amazing! I have always loved Great Dane's and this princess totally stole my heart.

Here are my munchkins with their Daddy. Are they not THE cutest froggy and honey bee you've ever seen??? Of course they are!

When it was Bentley and Lexus' turn to go on stage and show off their costumes, we realized I wouldn't be able to help walk them because the stage had no steps just one big step up. That, a crutch, and a bum ankle do not mix. So Melissa offered to walk Bentley. That was so sweet of her!

Okay, this photo is enticing me to get up on my soapbox for just one moment. I have a serious problem with parents who don't teach their children how to approach pets. I am a firm believer that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. That being said, the parents of these children do not know the owners of all the dogs in attendance. Therefore it IS NOT safe to assume that all the dogs are children-friendly. So they should not be letting their children rush the stage and stick their hands in these dogs faces. My two munchkins were raised around children so thankfully the only thing caused by these unmonitored children was them not wanting to go any further. I mean, can you imagine walking somewhere with these people who are at least 10 times your size putting their hands all over you and in your eyes?

If you are going to bring your children to an event where pets are present and allow them to participate and interact with said pets, then you should properly teach them the right way to approach pets. However, given the way some adults try to approach my little ones the parents may not know the proper way to approach pets. Dogs, large or small, should be approach delicately, especially if you do not know them or the owner. The "proper" way is to not approach the dog at all but let the dog approach you while you are on their level. However, if this isn't possible, then there is another way. You first ask the owner's permission. This way you know if their dog is friendly and if they mind if you pet their dog. Then you get as close to their level as possible. With you hand turned palm up, you put your hand out and wait for the dog to sniff it. When that happens only then is it okay to pet the dog on his/her head and or back. It's really not a hard process to master.

Stepping off my soapbox now. Sorry about that.

We had to wait around until all the dogs had taken their stroll on the stage and then the winners were chosen. A local Pit Bull Rescue was judging the contest. I don't remember all of the winners but Rigby did win Funniest Costume! He totally deserved it. I mean who wouldn't love a Chihuahua dressed as a skunk? The Pit Bull dressed as a devil above won Scariest Costume, Best Large Dog Costume went to the Great Dane princess, and Best Overall went to the Elvis doggy. I think the Flinstones won most creative but I'm not entirely sure. It was so much fun participating and seeing all the different costumes.

Afterward we spent a little more time at Hairy Winston talking to the HW ladies and Melissa and William. Of course I had to take a tour around the store to check and see if they had gotten in anything new. The only thing we ended up buying was a candle and some bully sticks. Maybe next time but Lord knows my munchkins don't need any more toys or clothes! They are spoiled rotten and I am entirely to blame. The contest in the sun tired me and the munchkins out pretty quickly so we went home to relax. Bentley was really excited because Melissa gave him a lion Skinneezz. The Skinneezz are his favorite toys and he was so excited to have a new one.

Hubby got the camera and got a little snap-happy. This is unusual for him because he normally doesn't like to take a lot of pictures. I am always the one behind the camera. But I think he really likes that dress I had on! Men!

All in all we had a really nice day. It was nice to get out of the house, especially since I'd only been out since the accident to go to work and the doctor. I think the fresh air did me good. And it was fun to have a family day with just me, hubby, and the two munchkins. I was hoping to get some Christmas shopping done but I got too worn out too quickly. That is on the agenda for this weekend though!

Last Sunday was bath day for the munchkins too. If I get around to it I will try to post some pictures and some bathtime zoomies video!



Blair said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun! HILARIOUS costumes! I love Minnie Mouse and the Great Dane princess...too much! So funny!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Blair said...

This looks like it was a lot of fun! HILARIOUS costumes! I love Minnie Mouse and the Great Dane princess...too much! So funny!

Hope you have a great weekend!

sprinkles said...

I absolutley ADORE Rigby's little Skunk outfit! So freaking cute!!! I wish there would've been something like this around here for my little ones.

I kept telling my mom that I wanted to dress my little dogs up and take them out trick or treating for dog treats. She didnt' seem to think that was such a good idea. :(

Awww, how come Lexus didn't get a new Skinneezz? I hope she did and you just didn't post pix.

Heather said...

It's good to hear from you Tiffany! I'm glad things are going a bit better for you.

Thanks for sharing about the Halloween costume party - what fun that sounded like! I wish they had more stuff like that around here. I loved all the costumes btw - all very cute!!

I agree about teaching kids the appropriate way to approach dogs. I do know some kids don't really care or listen(even if parents did try to teach them)...sometimes it's just kids! I do think it's imporant though - especially since I have Matilda who is incredibly afraid of contact from strangers (despite us socializing her as a pup). She's great walking out & about but if someone where to touch her she'd obviously jump but if she was cornered I wouldn't put it passed to her nip. Anyway, I've found around here most kids are great about asking to pat the pups before reaching out thank goodness.

Anyway, I'm glad you all had a great time. I hope you do post the video of the bath time zoomies - I bet it's hilarious! :o)

Sharon said...

So happy to see you guys all doing well!! Loved hearing about your Halloween- the munchkins were adorable as always :)

And I TOTALLY agree about little kids- I haven't had a chance to get Dobby used to kids, and I am already getting anxious about Thanksgiving, when we will be around 5 young cousins...

<3 S and D