Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for us! We spent most of it out shopping for Christmas gifts. We both have such large families that our "To Buy For" list is huge and keeps growing every year. I love buying gifts and giving very much but Christmas always makes things really tight for us. We were much better prepared for it this year though and started saving much earlier than years passed. (I have been after hubby to start up a Christmas Club account at our bank, which is in our hometown that he travels to for work everyday, but he has yet to listen. Maybe next year.) I am soooo thankful that January is a three pay-check month! Woo hoo! We didn't go too many places since it is still a bit painful for me to walk but we did get a little bit done. We hit up TJ Maxx, Marshalls Home Goods, Palmetto Moon, and Kohls (oh and Starbucks for a little pumpkin spice latte treat!). The next free weekend we have will be spent hitting up the Towne Center and possibly a few trips to one of the malls. I might even convince hubby to make a shopping trip downtown to the market and King Street. A girl can hope!

We were able to cross about 8 people off of our list. It doesn't sound like much compared to all the other names on our list, but I have all the women covered. Since I sell Premier Design jewelry, all the ladies in our families are getting jewelry. Super easy and I can order it all at once. And our newest pieces this season are fabulous!

Kohls was having a pretty awesome sale. I didn't do any clothes shopping but BOY did I ever want to! Instead we headed straight for the home decor stuff. That stuff always makes good Chinese Christmas gifts. I saw some really awesome candle centerpieces, wall sconces, etc. One of the candle centerpieces I picked up for Chinese Christmas with the MIL's side of the family. It was on sale and it was really cute. I picked up some gifts for two of my little cousins. Since, on my Mom's side, there are so many children, all of us married folk draw the name of two children to buy for. I got my sweetie pie Maggie Beth (she is 7) and my aunt's step-daughter Shelby (she is 12). It was so much fun shopping for them!

I was able to find the cologne that my brother, Dusty, asked me for. That child loves to smell good! He is such a ladykiller. I picked up a birthday present for my Dad. His birthday is on Thanksgiving day. Of course it was Clemson related since he is a huge Clemson fan. Hubby cringes every year when we shop for him! We also picked up a birthday present for my MIL whose birthday is today actually. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! Of course we went with some nifty tools for the Chinese Christmas men gifts. Those are always a big hit.

The hardest people to buy for are definitely my Papa, my FIL, and my Dad. I am the type of person who doesn't mind receiving gift cards (it certainly makes it easier on everybody) but I HATE giving them. They seem so impersonal. But I am afraid I am probably going to have to resort to giving my Papa a gift card. I mean seriously what do you get for a man who has everything he wants or needs? If he wants something he goes out and buys it. As much as I hate to admit it, I am about ready to admit defeat and purchase a Lowe's giftcard to help with refinishing the beach house floors. Sad, I know.

Saturday was also Bentley's GOTCHA day. For those of you who aren't totally insane over your pets and aren't schooled into dog blogging keywords, a GOTCHA day is the day your little one came home to live with you. Not to be confused with a birthday! Bentley's birthday was at the end of August, but his GOTCHA day is November 14th. It was on a cool, dark early November evening that my precious angel boy came home with us and brightened up our lives. I can't tell you how he has helped our hearts begin to heal after Tiny's passing. He was absolutely meant to be my baby boy. We popped in to Hairy Winston with him and Lexus for a treat for his GOTCHA day (and also to pick up some more of their food, but don't tell them that).

Sunday was more shopping but not for very long. I was stricken with one of my pesky migraines and had to forfeit my shopping adventures in favor of a nice dark, quiet room. Actually, I got dinner started and then left it in hubby's hands so I could go lay in silence and darkness. Of course the munchkins kept coming to check on me. At one point my sweet Bentley boy brought me his lambie. His lambie was a gift Nanny gave to him over the summer when we stayed at the new beach house for her birthday. He can frequently be seen carrying it around, thrashing it about, snuggling with it, and using it as a pillow. But last night he brought it from his bed in the kitchen into the bedroom and dropped it right by my face as if to offer it to me for comfort. What an amazing and intuitive little Chihuahua he is! I am amazed every day at how well they can read me and my emotions. That simple, sweet act made me smile. After much back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen, he and Lexus finally came to cuddle with me for a while. It is definitely a hard decision to make between food and Mommy. But Mommy ultimately won out! Woo hoo!

It is times like that that make me so grateful for my little bundles of joy. As badly as I would like to have a baby right now, I know that it just isn't the right time. It wouldn't be fair to have a baby and then start medical school and have no time for said baby. But when my munchkins show me such love, it makes it all okay.

Today I am paying for all the walking and shopping we did. My poor ankle is quite swollen and aches like you wouldn't believe. I think it will be grateful to have the next two weekends off from Christmas shopping. I was able to get around okay on Saturday without much of a limp. By Sunday the limp was a little bit more noticeable and today it is full-blown. But I was told walking on it is supposed to be good for it at this stage in my recuperation. I sure hope so!

Have you ladies started your Christmas shopping yet? Keeping in mind that I am on a budget, any ideas for gifts for my Papa, my FIL, my Dad, and Dru? I have a rather large present in mind for Dru, which I don't want to reveal here just in case he reads this, but it is possible that it could fall through. If so, I may need more gift ideas. I like to surprise him.



Amy said...

Yeah for you. I have not even started yet. I am not sure what I have to buy for yet. I say a good book is always great.

Nadine said...

Nope, I have not started my shopping yet, and every year I say I'm going to start early and it NEVER happens!! But I do mostly all of my shopping online, hehe! As far as what to get the men in your life, I have no ideas whatsoever. Steve is one of the HARDEST persons to buy gifts for, so I usually just end up getting him gift cards to his favorite stores (oh, and flannels too, he loves his flannel shirts in the winter)!

sprinkles said...

I usually start my shopping in June, buying one or two gifts a month up until the end of November, early December. I've learned that if I buy a little at a time, I can buy much nicer gifts and I'm not so cash-strapped when Christmas rolls around.

Stupidly, I didn't do that this year and I now have NO idea what I'm gonna do for gifts this year since I'm still unemployed and the job search is not going well at all.

My father is IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. He already has everything and what he doesn't have, he just goes and buys it if he wants or needs it. I usually get him a gift-certificate of some kind and then a couple of other stuff like books I think he might like or maybe something he's mentioned he wouldn't mind having.

Good luck in finding all the right gifts!

Cole said...

I've got a good list going - but haven't made any purchases yet. I'm usually done with my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving. EEK, I'm running behind this year!!

Dory and the Mama said...

As this year the gift giving budget is a little on the tight side, I am making and creating gifts. Now this is great for the female side of the family, but I am having problems with my Dad and FIL too. I have resorted in prior years to Gift Cards from Lowes or Home Depot and the gifts have been well received and appreciated!

Anonymous said...

YAY for getting a head start on your list girl! I have not bought the first thing yet..Im being a total slacker this year for some reason. Hope your having a great week! xoxo