Friday, October 9, 2009

Stuff Happens

This post was originally going to be about our time at Dogtoberfest and at the Waterfowl Association banquet, but if you read the Munchkins blog, you know that those two events didn't happen for us. If you don't already know, this is why:

Yep, you guessed it. We were involved in a car accident. Dogtoberfest was being held on a nearby island, Kiawah Island. It was about an hour drive for us but we were really looking forward to going out and seeing the events and checking out all the vendors. We googled the directions to the park...that was our first mistake. The directions took us in the totally opposite direction of where the park was actually located. We drove around for a good 30 minutes looking for the park. Finally we saw a nice couple walking on the side of the road and asked them for directions. It turns out the Google directions weren't even close! So we turned around and were following our new directions to the park. And then the above happened.

It stinks but frankly, sh*t happens, pardon my french. I was not driving but I seem to have managed to sustain the most injuries. Nothing serious, just painful. Dru had a small abrasion on his forehead but otherwise was fine. Thank God for the carseat and harnesses we bought for the munchkins several months back. I am 100% convinced that it saved their lives. They came through it totally fine. Me on the other hand...before the ambulance could get me to the nearest hospital, my ankle was about the size of a cantalope.
When I arrived at the ER, they got my information without asking anything about my injury and told me to WHEEL MYSELF INTO THE WAITING ROOM! Seriously?? Seriously??? So I manage to wheel myself into the waiting room, never having "driven" a wheelchair before and in spite of being in excrutiating pain. The ice pack I was given in the ambulance was hot by the time we arrived at the ER and was discarded by the EMT. As I sat there waiting despite having arrived in an ambulance, my ankle continued to swell larger and larger. Since I was pretty much immobile and couldn't maneuver the wheel chair around to go back to the window, a nice gentleman beside me asked for an ice pack for me. Over an hour later, the ice pack still hadn't arrived. Seriously.

I was then approached by an orderly who asked for my wheelchair. It was one with an IV hook. I was fine with switching chairs despite the pain I was sure it would cause as long as he agreed to bring me an ice pack. And boy was I right about the pain! So, I finally got my ice pack and as the orderly was tying it around my ankle, they called my name. Do I seriously want to be a doctor?????? I mean really???

I spent pretty much my entire Saturday in the ER. I was finally released with the tentative prognosis that I had a severe sprain and needed to see an orthopedist. Pain med prescription and crutches in tow, I headed home.
First thing Monday we called the orthopedist to set up an appointment. I was able to get an appointment for the following day. On Tuesday, after maneuvering myself into a bathtub with my feet hanging over the side, and maneuvering myself into some jogging pants and a t-shirt, I headed for the orthopedist's office. There was a bit of a wait, but when I finally saw the orthopedist, I was given the good news that my ankle was not broken. There were no signs of any fractures, hairline fractures, etc. anywhere to be seen. Thank goodness. But, then he delivered the bad news. I have a grade 3 ankle sprain which basically means that the ligaments in my ankle are completely torn. Recovery time??? SIX WEEKS! No walking, no driving, no pressure of any kind on my right ankle. Great, just stinkin' great.
So I walked was carried away from the accident with a grade 3 ankle sprain, nasty seatbelt burns on my chest and abdomen, numerous bruises, and a ton of aches.

Seatbelt burns on my chest.

My right ankle the night after the accident. You can't tell where my calf ends and my foot begins!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of my cantalope-like ankle the day of the accident, but there is still considerable swelling in the above photo so you can get the general idea. I also have burns and bruises elsewhere but I didn't have those photographed and some would have shown parts I would rather keep private.

So not only do I have to begin searching for a new car but I have to hobble around on crutches while doing it! It stinks. Have I said that already? We are keeping our fingers crossed that my age works in my favor and allows my ligaments to heal quickly. I don't know how long I'll be able to take sitting on my behind being bored out of my mind, hobbling around on crutches, and having my husband wait on me hand and foot. Wait, strike that last part! That might not be so bad after all!

So, no Dogtoberfest for us and no Waterfowl Association banquet. We were informed by our friends at Hairy Winston that there wasn't much of a turn out at Dogtoberfest. And our tickets to the Watefowl Association banquet didn't go to waste. We passed them off to my SIL who was happy to take them. She was a dear and brought hubby and I both back a t-shirt. We were just glad that someone got to enjoy their evening.

My introductory post for this new blog of mine was actually scheduled to go up on Monday. But, since I was MIA from the blogging world and feeling pretty darn crummy, it was postponed until yesterday. The post that was going to be about Dogtoberfest and the Waterfowl Association banquet that was going to be posted on Tuesday has now morphed into this one and is being posted 3 days late. :Sigh:

But hey, at least I am having a blast learning how to use crutches...or NOT. I am terrible at it. I think back to how coordinated I was as a kid playing softball, cheering, dancing, doing gymnastics, and I wonder where in the world that coordination disappeared to. I have nearly fallen numerous times and can't travel more than a few feet without stopping to rest. How sad is that?? But I am hoping that I am not on them long enough to get adept at using them. It may be wishful thinking but I'm okay with that for now.

Dru and the Munchkins have been so very wonderful throughout this whole ordeal. Dru has been there for me every second getting me anything I want or need. He kept my foot iced for the first 48 hours and has kept moist heat on my ankle since. He has volunteered to drive me to work and pick me up despite the fact that he works over an hour away and has to cut his hours short in order to take me to work and bring me home. What a wonderful man I married! And truth be told, if the roles were reversed, I would do the same for him.

The Munchkins have been the perfect cuddlebugs. They do not let me out of their sight and are sure to curl up wherever I am. I have been showered in love and kisses since it happened. They seem to know that Mommy is hurt and are being fantastic nurses. They did "forget" about Mommy's ankle yesterday when Lexi jumped on my pillow next to my ankle and Bentley tried to take over my pillow with my ankle still on it, but they quickly remembered and made up for it with lots of kisses.

Despite the fact that I am hurt I am truly grateful that God has bestowed such a wonderful family upon me who love me and are so willing to take care of me in my time of need and nurse me back to health. The next time Dru does something to drive me crazy, I'll have to remember these days and let it slide.



Dory and the Mama said...

Oh Tiffany...After seeing the car I am SOOOO glad you and Dru are ok and the Munchkins were safe in their carseat.

I am also an advocate of puppy securing and have been securing both dogs since I have had them!

Thanks for sharing the whole story!


sprinkles said...

Whoa - that looks like a pretty nasty car accident! I'm sorry you're hurt and hope you heal soon. The good thing is that you have your hubby and the munchkins to nurse you back to health!

How sweet of Dru to cut his work hours short to take you to work and back home. I can't imagine the one guy I was engaged to for awhile being even remotely this thoughtful. (Yeah, it's a really good thing we didn't get married!)

Don and Diana said...

Hi Tiffany
I cant believe how bad the car was. I am glad that you are bascially ok, minus a bum ankle.
The seatbelt marks hurt just looking at them and I can believe how you had to wait in the waiting room after being brought in by ambulance, Unbelieveable. Just rest and let everyone take care of you!!

Kathleen Coy said...

I'm so sorry that on top of the accident, you were treated like that in the ER. :-(

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Again, I'm so glad that none of you were seriously hurt. I've torn ligaments in my ankle before, and it was a drag. I think a break would have been easier to heal. I hope you have a speedy recovery!


klynch said...

thankgoodness you were all fine

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

Crikey, those are pretty awful photos of the damage to you and the car.
I notice accident and emergency places operate on the same level of 'efficiancy' the world over!
Take care, Lynne

Cole said...

Holy moley! Seeing the car brought your story to a whole new level.

I'm so glad that Dru and the munchkins are taking care of you. I know you'd do it for all of them.

JennyMac said...

Ugh!!! that pic of the car is scary. Glad you are ok!

Nadine said...

Holy cow Tiffany, from the looks of your car, it's a blessing you weren't more seriously hurt and that everyone else came out fine! I do hope that you are feeling better today and how sweet of Dru and the munchkins to take such good care of you!

Love, Nadine