Friday, October 23, 2009

Shedding My Crutches

I had an appointment with the orthopedist on Tuesday morning. If you read Wednesday's post about Southern hospitality then you already knew that. The doctor delivered some good news and some potentially bad news. The good news is that this weekend I can begin trying to use my right foot again. I have to start slowly using both crutches to hold myself up while I slowly begin to build up the amount of pressure I put on my right foot. Then, once I am comfortable with that, I can lose one crutch. Then, I can move on to shedding them both. It will still be a long while before I am back to 100%, but I am hoping to be able to get around much better by the beginning of next week. A girl can dream!

He also gave me some exercises to do to help keep the tendons loose and to help loosen up the scar tissue on my ligaments. They are called the alphabet exercises and they hurt but I think they are working! They took a second set of x-rays and everything looks fine. No fractures to be seen.

Now for the bad news. There is a possibility that I damaged some cartilage in my ankle as well. This is something that is not easy to determine without additional tests such as a CT scan. Where the center of my pain is located is where patients who have damaged their cartilage have pain as well. There is still a good chance that this did not happen but time will tell. If it ends up that I am not improving within the next two weeks I will be going back to the orthopedist to have a CT scan done of my ankle. I am hoping that this does not happen. There is the possibility for needing surgery and physical therapy if I did indeed damage the cartilage. I am praying that this is not the case and that I am healing on schedule.


We are leaving town this afternoon to go visit our families. They live about an hour away. On Tuesday we got word that Dru's grandmother fell and ruptured her spleen and needed emergency surgery. We were all set to go and see her in the hospital but Dru's mom insisted we wait as his grandmother is on morphine and won't even know we are there. So, we decided to wait and that we would go and see her this weekend. We are heading to the hospital tonight after we both get off work and go home to retrieve the munchkins. From what we have heard she has been walking around as per doctor's orders, so that is a good sign. Hopefully she will be able to go home soon.

In all likelihood I will not be online much at all this weekend. I will be visiting with my family. My baby brother and I are very close and I miss him terribly. I want to devote as much time this weekend as I can to him. Hubby will most likely be spending his entire Saturday in the woods which is fine by me. We will be staying at my Mom's and I will have plenty of help there for getting around and getting everything I need. I thought I would be devoting some time this weekend to car shopping but it appears as though that won't be the case. I'll let you in on why next week!

I was very disappointed that Bones didn't come on last night. Instead baseball was playing all night. Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of baseball (I used to play softball) but watching baseball on TV is not the way I like to spend my evenings. I'd rather sit in the stands and watch the game instead. Watching it on TV does nothing for me. So I was severely missing my Bones fix, but I was happy that Grey's came on in its regularly scheduled time. It was a good episode. Very dramatic. I am just annoyed with the show right now because they killed off George, Izzy got fired, and because this whole drama with Meredith and Derek is driving me nuts. Who gets married on a freaking post-it note? Seriously??!! And on top of it all it isn't very representative of actual medicine, but it is good entertainment.

This is probably it for me today. Hopefully I will have some interesting stories or pictures to share after the weekend. We'll see.



Anonymous said...

hey girl! just tagged you for an award over at my place! = )

Draco and his Mom said...

Have a relaxing time at your familys house and a great visit with your brother. Glad to hear you are able to shed at least on crutch.

Nadine said...

Tiffany, that's great news about the crutches, but I do hope your cartilage wasn't damaged :( Do have a relaxing weekend with your family and the munchkins, and I hope Dru's granny feels better real soon.

Have a great weekend!
Love, Nadine

sprinkles said...

Great news about the crutches! And I'm glad the excersizes seem to be working. Will you be doing physical therapy as well? Hopefully you didn't damage any cartilage in your ankle. Surgery is no fun!

I hope you have a great time visiting with your family. Too bad about Dru's grandmother, sounds like she's recovering nicely though since she's up and walking around already.

Kathleen Coy said...

It sounds like you're healing nicely. I'm glad you'll be rid of the crutches soon, and I hope for good news about the cartilage.

Cole said...

I'm glad you are making moving in the right direction to shed the crutches!!

I wasn't happy about missing Bones either. Sigh. But I did like Grey's...even if I did know exactly what happened and who was going to get fired within the first few minutes!

Cheryl, Indiana, Shingo and Molly said...

Hope you're rid of those crutches soon! Enjoy visiting with your family this weekend!!

Don and Diana said...

Thats good about the crutches. Hopefully your ankle will be fine and no surgery needed.

I watch Grey's with Kim and I was surprised at the drama too. I did like George too.

Well, hope you had fun with your family and we will be looking forward to hearing all about it this coming week


Southern Savvy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've just tagged you for an award!