Monday, October 19, 2009

A Hodge Podge About My Weekend

If you remember THIS post then you will remember how stressed I was about Dru getting the house clean in time for our Aloette Skincare party yesterday. Well, it took him two whole days but he was successful in cleaning the den, kitchen, and spare bathroom. While he didn't clean the entire house, he did a fantastic job on the three rooms he did clean and with little direction from me. I HAVE taught him well. Our deal was that if he could concentrate on those rooms and get those presentable then we would close off the rest of the rooms and he could get to those this week.

Dru was also in charge of making the snacks. We decided to only do a few things as opposed to the array I normally make for parties due to limited time, my injury, and the fact that classes started at my family's church last night and some of them weren't able to make it. He did a great job on making the snacks. We made a very yummy crab dip served with Townhouse crackers (the ones with the sides), a really yummy ranch dip with lots of yummy veggies and whole grain pita chips, and scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. My husband is hands down the BEST chocolate chip cookie baker in the entire world. His cookies are so phenomenal that I don't even attempt to make cookies anymore because they just can't compare to his. I stick with the cakes, brownies, pies, etc. instead. Everything turned out wonderfully.

The show went well although all the orders haven't been placed yet. My entire family usese Aloette (along with me...I actually used to be a consultant) and most of them were in need of some products. The only thing I am lacking right now to get my hostess benefits is a booking but I am working on it because I am getting low on products.

All in all we had a nice weekend. On Saturday, while hubby was cleaning, I was relaxing on the couch with my munchkins with my ankle elevated. I was experiencing some pain so I was content to just rest and snuggle with my little ones. I was able to catch up on a bunch of shows on the DVR. I was quite angry with last week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, but other than that no disappointments.

We did take a little trip with the munchkins to Hairy Winston. We normally pop in about once a week at least but we hadn't been in since the accident. We were all experiencing Hairy Winston withdrawals. We were able to get the munchkins' Howl-o-ween costumes but I didn't get any pictures yet.

Sunday was spent with me lounging in bed most of the morning, which is very unlike me. I had been in pain most of the night and so I didn't sleep much. I woke up about 7 or 7:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. It was time to take my meds again so I took those and they made me kind of tired. So the munchkins and I stayed in bed out of hubby's way while he cleaned and cooked for the party and caught up on DVR'd tv shows. They were very content to just lounge with Mommy.

I did get sick on Sunday night but it had to have been something I ate. I was so sick I wasn't even able to eat dinner and hubby had cooked my favorite, chicken enchiladas. I spent some time in the bathroom after having to hop on one foot as fast as I could in there. But, afterward I felt totally fine.

Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment with the orthopedist. I am hoping he delivers some good news or at least gives me more information than the first visit. I walked away not knowing much at all other than that I had torn the ligaments in my ankle. I have been trying to see how much movement I have in my ankle and it isn't much. I wasn't given any sort of exercises or anything to do to keep my tendons loose, to help my ligaments heal, or to keep the muscle mass in my right leg. I am afraid after only two weeks that I have lost a significant amount of muscle mass in my right leg. So I am going to request some simple exercises for me to do to help with this. I hope he tells me that I am in fact healing despite the fact that I don't see any improvement, that they didn't miss anything, and that I will be off the crutches in four more weeks or less. A girl can hope!

I am very anxious to start walking again. I do not like being pretty much helpless and having to depend on others to do things for me or help me. That is not the type of person that I am and I am not dealing with it well. Plus my life is sooooo boring right now because I am limited in what I can do and where I can go. I really wanted to go looking for some inexpensive fall decorations for the house but I will most likely be on crutches until nearly the end of "fall".

Still searching for a car. Any ideas?



Dory and the Mama said...

Of Tiffany...I am so sorry you got sick on top of everything else...What a Sunday you had!!

Hope that yo have a crab dip or Dru cookie recipe up make both sound so nummy!!!!!

Hope the doctor appointment goes GREAT!!


Cole said...

I'm crossing my fingers that your appointment tomorrow goes well.

Hurray that Dru got at least part of the house clean!!

sprinkles said...

Sorry you got sick. That's never any fun, especially when you have to hop on one foot to get to the bathroom in a hurry!

I'm glad Dru got around to cleaning up the house. Sounds like you had a nice turn out for your party.

I hope all goes well with the ortho doc tomorrow.

Don and Diana said...

Hi Tiffany
Sounds like a busy yet relaxing weekend. Good thing you have such a helpful hubby that can do all that stuff and bake WOW!!!

I make horrible cookies, so leave those to my daughters. I do fine on cakes, brownies etc.

We DVR greys anatomy too, but Kim deleted it accidently before I got see it, so not sure what happened.

Good luck at the DR. Yah, hope he has some good news for you. You should be healing even though it isnt to noticable to you yet. Let us know how it goes.


Draco and his Mom said...

A nice weekend despite the darned ankle. Your snacks sounded delish...especially the crab dip. As for the cookies, they are my downfall and we can't make them at our house or I would eat dozens of yummy cookies in a couple of days. Not enough gym time to combat that :)
Take Good Care

Dip-Dip and The Bridge said...

You are a tyrant Tiffany, lol! Having that poor lad working away while you watched DVD's.
Hope all goes well at the doctors, glad the party was a success - those choc chip cookies sound very scrummy I must say!
Take care, Lynne

Sharon said...

Hi Tiffany! Like I said on the munchkins' blog, I'm glad your party went well :) I hope you get some more info today at your appointment. If you are getting bored, you can try something like scrap-booking that would be creative but you could still sit and do it. As for your car... well, I'm sort of shopping for one too. My only suggestion is do lots of research!

Thinking of you,
Sharon (and Dob!)