Monday, October 12, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning...or Not

We had a rough day yesterday. Aside from my being in pain from this ridiculous ankle sprain, my sweet munchkins weren't feeling great either. Within the last few weeks Bentley had been reverse sneezing more than he ever had and his poor nose had been running like crazy. Lexi had been sneezing some too so I convinced Dru that they needed to be seen by the vet. I was convinced it was allergies or some sort of cold or infection. Based on the fact that there was no sign of infection and that it is ragweed season, the vet determined that they were suffering from ragweed allergies. He prescribed an antihistamine for Bentley but said Lexi's symptoms weren't frequent or developed enough for medication. After the first dose, Bentley seemed to improve enough that he was able to sleep through the night. However, Lexi's symptoms had progressed enough in that one day that she was up most of the night sneezing and pawing at her face. The very next morning, Dru called the vet and they gave us the go ahead to give her the same antihistamines they had prescribed for Bentley. She slept through the night, but while Bentley's allergies started to improve hers did not.

Yesterday morning, aside from Lexi's sneezing and runny nose, they both seemed to be in good spirits. They cuddled with me on the couch and cuddled with Daddy some on the bed. But, as the day wore on they both started to act a little off. And then it started. Lexi threw up a yellow substance that appeared to still have food in it even though it had been many hours since she had eaten breakfast. Next it was Bentley's turn and he didn't give us any warning at all. He regurgitated mostly water. Feeling both of their bellies, they were both tight. So, Dru took them both outside. They did their business as normal and acted perfectly fine while outside. But when they got back inside, they tucked their tails, laid back their ears, and the hair on Bentley's bottom spiked up. All the tell-tale signs that my punkins weren't feeling good.

I had hubby (ya know because I can't walk) get their antacid tablets and split them so that I could give them to them both. After that they did seem to perk up a little so we decided to go ahead and give them half of their evening portion of food. They seemed to do fine with that and were more like themselves. After a couple of hours of not throwing up their food, we gave them the other half. They were fine at first, but at some point last night (I can't even begin to tell you what time it was) Lexi threw up again. It appeared to be her wet food again. And Bentley followed suit. Normally this would concern me but we had not been anywhere and there was nothing for them to get into AND they were eating, drinking, pooping and peeing completely normally. So instead of being a spazz and rushing to the emergency vet, we decided to wait it out until morning.

All night I was constantly waking up with a start at the slightest noise from them. I was constantly checking to make sure they were breathing, trying to help Lexi stop sneezing, and trying to comfort them. Bentley got up a couple of times and just sat on the floor staring at me. Finally, after many failed attempts at getting him to come back to bed, I had Dru pick him up and hand him to me. I cuddled him really close and that seemed to do the trick. He curled up in a ball under my arm and went to sleep. Finally.

So, none of us got any sleep. But hubby and I did come to the conclusion that it maybe has something to do with their wet food. It was a brand new can of food (we mix in a dab of wet food into their kibble). It could also be a side effect of the antihistamine they are taking for their allergies but when we asked the vet last week about side effects we were told the only one was possible drowsiness. It could very well be some sort of virus that they gave to each other but I find that the most unlikely possibility. I don't think if that was the case that they would get sick on the very same day within 15 minutes of each other. So we have decided to stop giving them the wet food and instead add a dab of yogurt or mushed up bananas to their kibble. If this seems to do the trick we will discontinue the use of the wet food. I do not think it has anything to do with bad ingredients in the wet food as we feed our little ones only the very best holistic dog foods. But since Chihuahuas are known for having sensitive stomachs, this food may not agree with their little tummies anymore.

They were both back to their perky selves this morning. If they had still been acting off I would have convinced Dru to stay home with them and/or take them back to the vet for the second time in a week. I am hoping it does not continue but if it does we will be carting them both off to the vet with a stool sample each.


Saturday was pretty restful. I promised my friend/coworker, before I got hurt, that I would attend her garden party to meet her cousin that was coming into town. She really wanted me to come and assured me she would set me up in a comfy chair with a place to comfortably rest my aching foot, so I went through the whole orchestration of getting a bath (yes a bath...I am not as of yet able to shower), getting dressed with help, getting my hair dried and straightened, putting on make-up, hobbling on crutches to the truck, and riding in pain the entire way there. Not to mention when I got there I had to maneuver myself up the front porch steps. But, just as she promised, she had a big comfy leather chair for me to sit in with a matching ottoman for me to prop my foot up on.

The girls were drinking these concoctions her cousin had made. Of course I wasn't able to partake as I am on painkillers, but one drink in particular looked very tasty. It was a mix of champagne and X-rated pink liquor. Yummy! They were also doing tangerine drops (a substitute for lemon drops) and by the time I left they were all pretty crazy. I was quite entertained! I wasn't able to stay very long but I tried to stay as long as I could possibly stand being in pain. I was so grateful when we finally got home and I could go straight to bed!

I know, not much to talk about today. Since I got hurt things around my house are more boring than ever. I have been catching up on tv shows that I DVR'd and cuddling with my babies. Tomorrow's post will be about the yummy potato soup we cooked last night. So hopefully you will find that somewhat interesting!

I hope I didn't bore you all to death! I hope the posts get better and more interesting soon!



Cole said...

I'm so sorry that the munchkins had a rough few days. That just stinks!

Dory and the Mama said...

Hope the munchkins and YOU stay ion the mend!!

Don and Diana said...

Thats to bad that the munchkins are so sick, Kinda like having kids huh?? It would be nice if they could tell you what hurts!!

It must be the wet food. You guys just all rest and take it easy.

I am sure your friend was glad that you came.

Take care

sprinkles said...

Aww...poor Bentley and Lexi! My Chico wasn't feeling his best on Saturday morning but he's ok now. It was quite the scare at the time so I can sympathize. How awful that it happened to both dogs at the same time!

I'm glad you got to visit with your friend, I'm sure she appreciated that you made the effort considering it wasn't easy for you.